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June 10, 2011

Can We Bring Back the Wine Spritzer?

When it is crazy, crazy hot outside, I get specific about what kind of delicious beverage I want. In the morning: Iced coffee, preferably cold-press, or a triple iced Americano. In the afternoon: iced tea or Diet Dr. Pepper. And at night? I really love a wine spritzer.

Now, I’m not talking about wine coolers, those pink bottled drinks from the ’80s that moms liked to drink in the backyard when their best friend came over on summer afternoons. This “cooler” is simply a beautiful rosé or  white wine mixed with seltzer and served with a sliver of lime or lemon. Gussy it up with melon balls, berries, or an herb sprig, and you’ve distanced them from their early reputation as a dieter’s alcoholic beverage of choice. They’re just a nice, elegant way to cool off on the kind of hot day where condensation starts forming on the outside of your glass nearly as soon as you pour it. All without getting too tipsy, too fast.

It’s the kind of drink that––forgive me for the leap––makes me think of Cybill Shepherd in her Moonlighting-heyday. Cool, in control, glamorous in an easy, brushed-out hot roller curls kind of way, and unapologetically feminine. Cheers to that.

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May 27, 2011

Mix Tape: Put On Your Sunglasses

For a while there, I loved asking people what would be the opening song for their life movie. When I first heard Brenton Wood’s “Oogum Boogum,” it was one of the first sunny days of spring, and I was walking in my neighborhood in sunglasses and a cute outfit. It was the perfect opening credits song: jaunty, full of sass, and utterly irresistible. (Plus, it includes the lyric, “Go on now with your bad self.”) And so I pass it on as the opening of this very sunny, let’s-jump-in-the-car-and-get-out-of-here mix. May you walk in the sunshine, in a good outfit, your hair looking lovely. Happy weekend! What are you most looking forward to?

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May 9, 2011

Style Inspiration: Cagney & Lacey

Something horrible happened to me a couple weeks ago. I feel in love with the first few episodes of Cagney & Lacey (“It’s like a cross between Mary Tyler Moore and Law & Order SVU,” Sebastian smartly observed), only to watch as the dynamic of the show completely changed when, in episode seven, the tough and sexy Christine Cagney, as played by Meg Foster, is unceremoniously replaced by a feathered hair Sharon Gless. Also? Out go the original opening credits, in which Cagney and Lacey chase down a bad guy, cuff him, and triumph over the patriarchal system of the police force, all set to a brassy, 1970s groove. In comes a title sequence decidedly more of the Working Girl era, where our heroines pound the city streets but still get distracted by window-shopping.

I’m trying––mostly because I love Tyne Daly––to get back into it. But I keep thinking about Meg Foster and Tyne Daly. They seemed like friends as well as co-workers; part of the job description is supporting each other and having each other’s backs, all with a hard-nosed wink and a smile. Apparently, when career women work together and like each other, they seem like lesbians. But the new dynamic with Sharon Gless (and yes, I realize I’m talking about a show that is nearly thirty year old) seems more adversarial. Where’s the friendship? Where’s the heart? Perhaps it will come. I mean, the show did have a long, long successful run, even without my stamp of approval on staff changes.

So this style inspiration is dedicated to the original six episode run of Cagney & Lacey as I first fell in love with it, where the duo worked well together, liked each other, and wore awesome, awesome clothes. Key items: a-line skirts with pockets (filled with loose change for calling your husband at a pay phone about dinner), sturdy boots with enough of a heel to make you feel like a woman, a smart, sensible watch and a bangle, plaid, puff-sleeve tops, a big, cozy wrap coat to fend off the chill when you’re down at the docks, and a purse that amazingly stays slung over your shoulder as you chase down crooks.

April 29, 2011

French Friday: Kid Stuff

I think old stuff is charming––the junkier, the better. This makes it very hard for me to cover ground on road trips because every giant billboard on a lonely stretch of country road for flea markets and antique malls makes me want to pull off at the next exit and dig through dusty, musty piles.

This is how I found a Girl Scout Handbook with awesome illustrations from the ’30s, my beloved turquoise typewriter, and the little lidded alpine dish that I pull my Splenda out of every morning. This is my favorite way to shop but sometimes, in a pinch, Etsy will do.

Vintage baby stuff is dear, and old French things, as we know, can have an irresistible sort of charm. Put them together and we’re talking, whoa: a match made in heaven.

Another thing about little vintage knickknacks here and there: when you’re largely shopping at places like IKEA for furniture and big ticket items, a little vintage toy on the windowsill or an old floral dish on the table can bring a big dose of history and charm to a space. It’s the kind of touch that really makes a house a home. And that even grown-ups can get behind.

Happy weekend!