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September 9, 2012

Songs for the End of Summer

Elegantly-made or sorely-felt, this time of year is all about transitions. It is a time of year that makes me think of quiet transport, like sitting in a passenger seat on the way home from one of the last swims of the season. I’ve got that to-the-core chill and we drive home the scenic way with the windows down, my hair wet down my back. It’s like waking up from the sweetest sleep. The heat of the day has finally burned off, and I’m ready to eat something warm. Probably fried chicken.

There are five seasons in Chinese medicine. The fifth season, the one we enter now, is late summer. Here’s what my kinda weird book says on the topic:

Late summer itself is a short season, but it can be a time of intense metamorphosis in nature and within ourselves…During transitional periods, it is especially important to stay centered, a state of being in contact with the Earth that we call “grounded”…Centering has to do with finding balance in which we are aware of our polarities, the yin and yang qualities of Earth and Heaven, left and right, inner and outer.

This is a transition I always feel keenly: the slow softening of the light, an edge of coolness in the evenings or on a breeze, and the way I can always feel myself savoring something I can never quite put my finger on but am certain is the end of one kind of thing and the beginning of another.

These are the songs for that.

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April 6, 2012

Run On Playlist

Discovering I liked hip hop was like tasting ice cream for the first time. It came during a stretch of time where I was dipping my toe into all kids of newness (swimming lessons, playing guitar) that made a life of same old, same old feel wondrously new and fresh again. Despite creaky geriatric knees, I’ve tried to get back into running in the last several weeks with better form. After a day trapped in my own head and sitting still at a computer, it makes me so happy to cue up this mix and start moving. And if I were being completely honest, I would probably have to tell you that some part of me likes to channel Wonder Woman when I’m working out. I stop just short of the wrist bands, but I imagine that I am very tough and about to kick someone’s ass with my ferocious intensity. I am fit! I am a hero! I really wish I were wearing a tiara! It makes the moments go by with a bit more fun, and these songs are the perfect background to my toughness. (Also recommended for pre-going out mode, while you’re primping in the bathroom!) Happy weekend!

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March 2, 2012

Bits and Bobs

1. I’ve become a two-coffee-a-day woman, and I don’t know why I resisted so long. In addition to getting to drink a delicious cortado, it’s also a chance to breathe some life into the afternoon: step outside, get some sunshine, have a chat with a barista. {via}

2. Turns out my dream Brigitte Bardot hair isn’t the easiest look to achieve, but a $1.29 pack of bobby pins (plus a little back-combing and hair spray) is getting me closer than ever.

3. Sharon Van Etten’s haunting voice on her gutsy, soulful new album, Tramp, has been playing a lot at our house. And I always go back to my favorites for some living room dancing.

4. Earlier this winter, I was having trouble going to bed in the evenings. The internet seemed like a vast and entertaining place that I never wanted to leave. Then my friend loaned me Her Fearful Symmetry, and I was reminded of how delicious it can be to climb into bed early and be subsumed in another world entirely. Bonus points when that world is creepy and English, filled with graveyards, rare books, and ghosts.

5. Little notepads like this one on the fridge or tucked in my purse make me feel more organized than I actually am.

6. This print is a good reminder to me to begin, no matter how small that first tiny step is. {via}

7. It’s not too early to start daydreaming about spring sandals is it? Good. {via}

Happy weekend! Hope it’s filled with loveliness and the promise of spring.

February 10, 2012

Wintery Mix

Yesterday, my doctor told me winter’s almost over, but I feel a little dubious about that. I never even got my winter look down (unless you count wearing the same J. Crew outlet striped tunic t-shirt with rotating bottoms). So until the crocuses start coming up for real, not in this totally misguided and confused way, I’ll be listening to this mix and half-hoping it snows one more time. Happy weekend!

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