Jane: “30 Under 30”

“The Best Blogs for Foodies” – New York Times

“steals our hearts with her cheerful tone and intelligent posts” – Bon Appetit

“captivates her blog’s readers with her warm, cheerful tone and light-hearted demeanor.” – Country Living

“She [writes] with a gracious and insightful touch that makes readers feel she and they could be the best of friends, and a visit to her site always leaves me refreshed and nurtured. Also, wouldn’t she be perfect to play Joan Holloway‘s younger sister? – Clotilde Dusoulier, Chocolate and Zucchini

“If I were a betting man, I’d wage at least a Benjamin she gets a TV series within 5 years and manages a housewares empire in 20. Lots of crafty ideas and recipes on video, one of which features little old me making my famous cream puffs. (I like the way she dresses too!)” – Clinton Kelly

“Sarah McColl has the cutest little blog stocked with mini how-to movies! She’s a pert, red-headed hostess with a manner that is, well, just darling.” – Jenny Hart

“inspired me to start blogging” – Margaret Roach

“Along with a frequently-updated blog, she creates super-cute, short videos that show you how to do everything from roast a chicken to make a yoga mat cover. 50’s style vintage graphics and a home-spun vibe (I love that she cooks in a regular apartment kitchen on crappy white stove) make it super appealing.” – Jean Railla, author of Get Crafty

“Sarah McColl and Katy McColl Lukens are media mavens, design junkies and fantastic cooks, all in one lovely redheaded sisterly package.” – The Sister Project

“Something tells me Ms. McColl would be great fun to go lingerie shopping with, then afterwards you’d stop by some chic tiny little restaurant at 3pm and wind up there until 6:30 when people start coming in for their dinner reservations and you’ve drunk four glasses of Beaujolais and have a horrid case of the giggles and start laughing about your vibrators and the bartender — who is very cute and you have been flirting with — has to cut you off. So much more fun than Martha.” – KQED Bay Area Bites

“When the Internet feels bloated with inane semi-celebrities and nasty newspaper commenters, I gravitate to Sarah McColl – the sweet, gracious and whip-smart voice behind the popular blog, Pink of Perfection.” – Inspired Outsiders