While the world
Spins on
Through seas
Of perilous stars,

Someone is shelling
Green peas
Into a cracked
White bowl.

— Valerie Worth

March 16, 2012

Not Next But Now

Last Friday afternoon I was poised as if on a diving board: I wanted to plunge headlong into the weekend and land in a feather bed. The antidote to a bearish week was a bit of a pleasurefest. I had dinner with friends, rustic lamb ragu and rough red wine. I stayed in bed for a criminally long time on Saturday reading Bel Canto and drinking coffee. I turned on the stove that night and stood at the cutting board peeling potatoes and shredding kale. I made a steak. I was listening to Anything Goes, and life felt very quietly good.

And also itchy. When life is placid and nice, do you ever feel like you’re waiting for the other shoe to drop? That now, when it’s quiet, is not when it’s time to enjoy; it’s time to scramble to prepare for whatever’s coming next?

Sunday morning, in the brightness of daylight savings, I just barely made it to yoga. My teacher sat at the front of the room and talked about getting back to basics. (She tends to be sort of telepathic in her timing.) We took strong standing poses, and then refined them. We looked at our feet, sealing all four corners into the floor, working that pinkie toe like it was a circus strong man instead of a wee little thing. We created a rock-solid foundation from the ground up.

In the first days of January, I proudly touted my basics. But by mid-March I seem to have lost interest in them precisely because they’re fundamentals. Something in me thought there should be something more, apparently, than the expressions of love, community, and creativity already in my life.  A manicure? Tap dance lessons? A vacation? A baby? A new pair of jeans? Next, next, next.

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March 5, 2012

I Want to Dress Like Isabelle in Hugo

Four very good reasons to see Hugo:

  1. Paris…
  2. …in the 1930s (The dresses! The hats! The little ladylike shoes!)
  3. It’s an enchanting movie with a big, inspiring, I-got-my-cry-on heart.
  4. That girl up there.

Isabelle embodies everything that is great about young girls. If you’re a fan of plucky heroines like Anne of Green Gables and Laura Ingalls (and I know you are), you’ll recognize her wide-eyed enthusiasm for books, charmingly advanced-beyond-her-age vocabulary, and her eager thirst for adventure. Plus, look at that outfit! She mixes patterns like a pro, rocks knee socks on snowy nights, and knows the importance of flat little boots; their comfort is of the utmost importance when running away from villains and towards your destiny. I dedicate all casual skirt and sweater combos in these last cold days of winter to her.

March 2, 2012

Bits and Bobs

1. I’ve become a two-coffee-a-day woman, and I don’t know why I resisted so long. In addition to getting to drink a delicious cortado, it’s also a chance to breathe some life into the afternoon: step outside, get some sunshine, have a chat with a barista. {via}

2. Turns out my dream Brigitte Bardot hair isn’t the easiest look to achieve, but a $1.29 pack of bobby pins (plus a little back-combing and hair spray) is getting me closer than ever.

3. Sharon Van Etten’s haunting voice on her gutsy, soulful new album, Tramp, has been playing a lot at our house. And I always go back to my favorites for some living room dancing.

4. Earlier this winter, I was having trouble going to bed in the evenings. The internet seemed like a vast and entertaining place that I never wanted to leave. Then my friend loaned me Her Fearful Symmetry, and I was reminded of how delicious it can be to climb into bed early and be subsumed in another world entirely. Bonus points when that world is creepy and English, filled with graveyards, rare books, and ghosts.

5. Little notepads like this one on the fridge or tucked in my purse make me feel more organized than I actually am.

6. This print is a good reminder to me to begin, no matter how small that first tiny step is. {via}

7. It’s not too early to start daydreaming about spring sandals is it? Good. {via}

Happy weekend! Hope it’s filled with loveliness and the promise of spring.