April 6, 2012

Run On Playlist

Discovering I liked hip hop was like tasting ice cream for the first time. It came during a stretch of time where I was dipping my toe into all kids of newness (swimming lessons, playing guitar) that made a life of same old, same old feel wondrously new and fresh again. Despite creaky geriatric knees, I’ve tried to get back into running in the last several weeks with better form. After a day trapped in my own head and sitting still at a computer, it makes me so happy to cue up this mix and start moving. And if I were being completely honest, I would probably have to tell you that some part of me likes to channel Wonder Woman when I’m working out. I stop just short of the wrist bands, but I imagine that I am very tough and about to kick someone’s ass with my ferocious intensity. I am fit! I am a hero! I really wish I were wearing a tiara! It makes the moments go by with a bit more fun, and these songs are the perfect background to my toughness. (Also recommended for pre-going out mode, while you’re primping in the bathroom!) Happy weekend!

also available on Spotify

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  • Bethany: Sarah, this came at the perfect time. I’ve just started running too, and it’s totally killing me. Plus, I haven’t found a good playlist yet, and this Wonder Woman image that you put in my head is totally worth it. And I’ve always liked the Roots.6 years ago

  • Margaret: Ooh, I just tied the bow around this phase- have been running for 2 years and just ran the Cherry Blossom 10-miler on Sunday! Ready to retire now, thx… I’ll continue to run but scale it back, because of the great space it gives the mind. Music is good too- doesn’t seem to get in the way of running the same way it does for writing, for me at least.
    Way to go! Starting is the biggest hurdle!6 years ago

  • Bethany, I also really like a podcast called Indie Soup Runner. Worth checking out!

    Congrats, Margaret! Tres impressive!6 years ago

  • Megan: I swear, I was just thinking about writing this post. I used to run and only listened to hip hop then. But I’m so out of the loop now and am trying to get back into a little jogging routine. Wild flag is my album of choice. Can’t wait to try out your music and podcast. Thanks!6 years ago

  • Kenzie: I also didn’t listen much to hip hop, except for Jurassic 5, until I started doing zumba and realized how much the music kept me going, in a way that my acoustic folk music can never do! I’ve been on the lookout for good workout music ever since. Thanks for the playlist and the podcast recommendation!6 years ago

  • ClamaityJanie: Thank you so much for making this available on Spotify! I discovered your blog this week, actually, and have since listened to your mixes man-a-time. Thanks for having the same taste in music (and many other things) as me and making them available to others who may be considerably lazier… not naming names. ;D

    Long story short. You’re great and thanks for that.6 years ago

  • molly: oh, that picture! just pure awesome.

    now, i need to investigate that playlist, because boy have i got me some geriatric knees, and some serious need to superhero-up.

    happy spring, sara. your peas poem is hand-copied and pasted to my fridge 🙂6 years ago

  • elizabeth: perfect timing! was just tiring of my own list. i’ve been a hip hop fan for a while, but lots of these tracks are new to me…yay! thanks!6 years ago

  • Amie: This make me so happy! I LOVE hip hop. I tell my friends that I have a special heart that is just for hip hop and 90s R&B.

    I will be listening to this (and dancing) while I cook my dinner tonight!!!
    THANKS!6 years ago

  • Sasha: As always a great playlist Sarah! If you’re looking for running inspiration in a TV show, check out the “Bionic Woman” from the 70’s if you never watched it! It was right up there for me with “Wonder Woman” and last Summer gave me the inspiration to start running (although I daresay I’ll probably never run as well as Lindsay Wagner does on that show!) 🙂6 years ago

  • Helen: Sarah, I say go the wristbands! Nothing gets me more in the active mindset than some retro wristbands and white knee-hi soccer socks. May not look too fashionable but darn I feel like a seventies superhero!6 years ago

  • Helen, I think you’re my hero. 🙂6 years ago

  • geek+nerd: I am fit! I am a hero! I really wish I were wearing a tiara!

    ^ Now THAT gave me a chuckle. I try to pretend that I’m Lola from Run Lola Run when I’m running…when I probably look like Phoebe from FRIENDS.6 years ago

  • geek+nerd: AHHHH – and I *just* noticed that the first track on here is Atmosphere!!! Way to my heart. I love Atmosphere. Saw Slug live at House of Blues last April in Boston. GREAT show!6 years ago

  • OK, now THAT gave ME a chuckle. 🙂6 years ago

  • Madeleine: I search out this playlist I need a pick-me-up at work. For someone who had just discovered hip hop, this is such an awesome selection of songs. Thank you! 🙂5 years ago

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