February 10, 2012

Wintery Mix

Yesterday, my doctor told me winter’s almost over, but I feel a little dubious about that. I never even got my winter look down (unless you count wearing the same J. Crew outlet striped tunic t-shirt with rotating bottoms). So until the crocuses start coming up for real, not in this totally misguided and confused way, I’ll be listening to this mix and half-hoping it snows one more time. Happy weekend!

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  • Adrianna: Funny enough, my mother found a crocus on her lawn on Long Island last week! Daring, those little crocuses. Poor thing probably won’t survive the snow coming this weekend.6 years ago

  • Beth {Southern Bluestocking}: Love the mix! Making work on this dreary Friday afternoon much more enjoyable.6 years ago

  • Lara: Yea, the crocus in my garden have bloomed. What a confusing winter. And I am with you on the favorite top with rotating bottoms!!6 years ago

  • Jackie: I love your mixes — can’t wait to check this one out!6 years ago

  • Sasha: Thanks for sharing the mix Sarah! Such a lovely way to round out a long week. I too hope that we have a bit more snow in our futures–at the very least I think we’ll have a couple more inches this weekend!6 years ago

  • Oh, those poor crocuses! I had no idea we were due for more snow this weekend. Here’s to staying in and cozying up!6 years ago

  • SarahJ: thanks for sharing. what a wonderful soundtrack for winter. we haven’t had a good snow this season down in virginia, but i continue to hope.6 years ago

  • La Chapstick Fanatique: we got a little bit of snow here this weekend but i feel like it doesn’t count when you can still see bits of grass poking through. i want at least one big storm.

    http://lachapstickfanatique.blogspot.com6 years ago

  • Elizabeth: I’m just really, really enjoying this mix right now. Normally I can’t write to music with words (I’ve written about 200 pages with Philip Glass’ Glassworks, which after a while, gets tiresome, barely) but for some reason this is just what I need to get me going. Thanks for sharing.6 years ago

  • Roxanne: I love your mixes! There’s always something I’d never heard before that gets me excited about music just when I need it ^_^

    I really hope winter will be around for just a bit longer. My husband and I just bought ourselves snow shoes and are hoping for at least one more big dump for us to get some real use out of them.6 years ago

  • Sarah D: Love your mixed tapes. Thanks for putting on Spotify so I can subscribe.6 years ago

  • Make it & Fake it: Hi Sarah!!

    I totally agree, I cant wait for spring to come around! I am rotating J.Crew wool cardigans and white tank tops! I am ready for spring! 🙂 thanks for the play list, ill be listening to that back and forth to work! 🙂

    Love K6 years ago

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