February 17, 2012

POP Profile: Sarah of Yes and Yes

Tell us about your blog, Yes and Yes.

I started writing my blog after reading blogs for years and years. There was a pretty specific type of blog that I was always looking for – something funny and smart with really varied content. Sort of like a magazine curated by a super cool friend. I couldn’t find anything like that, so I just decided to make it myself. Of course, I don’t always succeed at being funny and smart, but I continue to try really hard on a pretty regular basis.

I didn’t have many expectations when I started my blog––I just saw it as a place to start writing again and a place to write about things that I, as a reader, wished I could find on the internet. The biggest surprises? The totally incredible, completely insane doors it has opened. It blows my mind almost every day. I spent the first year of self-employment waiting for the other shoe to drop. Who am I to be so happy? Who am I to have everything I want?

Who and/or what inspires you?
I’m inspired by just about anyone who makes an active choice about what they want from life and goes after it. Sometimes that life is working your ass off to get the corner office. Or dropping out of grad school because you realize it’s not right for you. Or marrying someone you know is meant for you, even if your friends don’t see it. At the risk of waxing cliche, anybody who lives a conscious, considered life inspires me.

What’s some of the best advice you’ve ever gotten?
“90% of success is showing up.” Good lord, this is true. I think half the reason my blog is successful is because a new post goes up every day at 6:00 am, seven days a week. And half the reason I’m successful as a writer is because I return emails in a prompt manner and deliver work on budget and on time. Never underestimate how much people appreciate reliability.

What’s your ideal day look like?
Getting up without an alarm clock (which I do most days), sharing a great breakfast with my favorite people, poking through thrift stores with my BFF, nap, 2 hour hike, make a big dinner, drink wine and laugh with more of my favorite people.

Do you have any daily/weekly rituals/traditions that make your everyday a little special?
I’m a bit of a workaholic and left to my own devices, I can let a whole day slip by returning emails and drinking coffee. So I literally schedule something fun into every day. Like, I write ‘Fun Thing’ on my daily to-do list. This week my fun things were: trying a new donut shop, eating at a fancy French place, watching The Fantastic Mr. Fox with a friend, splashing out on a haircut a fancy salon and having lots of kitty wrestling time.

Share your favorites: What blogs do you regularly read?
My current faves are: Smaggle, Just a Titch, Mighty Girl. They’re not really blogs, but I love Jezebel and Brainpickings, too.

What’s on your bedside table?
I just finished All Over But The Shoutin’ and I’m about to start The Attack. Nothing like reading about suicide bombers in the depth of a Minnesota winter!

Complete this sentence: I feel most joyfully alive when _________________.
Doing something new, in the company of someone I love.

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