January 27, 2012

Winter Budget Meals (Is It Payday Yet?)

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  • I could have also called this post: an ode to legumes!3 years ago

  • BethP: Yum, this is exactly what I need right now. Especially that luscious-looking lentil soup!3 years ago

  • Traci (Mrs. Smith Cooks): Just dropping by to say that I just found this blog and subscribed! I found it via a feed on Google Reader called “Grub” via Deb. I loved this post because it IS close to payday, and we are the type of family that lives close to the paycheck sometimes. What I love about this blog, though, is how you talk about the sweet life, enjoying life, making the most out of life… this is my philosophy as well. Having less money doesn’t mean one must be deprived of wonderful joys of a happy life and delicious food. I’m almost overwhelmed at all of the posts I have missed. Looking forward to being a regular reader. :) 3 years ago

  • Morgan: YUM! the gratin looks to die for3 years ago

  • Cadi: This is perfect! You have visualized my strife today – we just moved and for the first month it’s going to mean living close to the quick on our bank accounts. Thanks for these Sarah, I see that winter squash stew in our very near future.3 years ago

  • Cadi: Legumes: lifesaving dinner components for the weak of wallet! Thanks for these, they look scrumptious! No one would ever guess they were budget friendly recipes if presented with any one of these beauties.

    Happy weekend to you!3 years ago

  • Lana: OMG, we always joke that we eat a paupers bc we live on beans, lentils, soup and eggs! I can’t wait to try all of these! Well, except the bacon and beans on toast. It looks so amazing but no more meat eating for us! :) 3 years ago

  • Lauren Clare: Wow, this all looks soooo wonderful! How do you come up with this stuff, Sarah?3 years ago

  • Rebecca: Uh, I want to make ALL of these. *Right now*

    Fabulous post! Thanks, Sarah!3 years ago

  • I’m so glad you all find this is a helpful, good-looking little list of meals! I needed it myself. One thing I’d add that we eat a lot in these parts but I didn’t have a nice picture of is some totally delicious, highly-spiced beans and rice.

    Hope you all had wonderful weekends!3 years ago

  • Kristina: Thanks for the reminder about eggs half-poached in spicy tomato sauce. Not only are these all budget-friendly, they’re almost all super-quick — so important when you don’t leave the office until 9:00pm. Thanks, Sarah.3 years ago

  • Kaitlyn: Ok, soooo I’m one of your lurkers. Meaning I never comment, and I can’t quite remember how I stumbled upon this beauty of a blog, but I find your entries refreshing and lovely. I also found the Winter Squash Stew from this particular entry to be TOTALLY delicious. It also made a great lunch.Thanks for that. :) As a fellow Brooklynite (and a single lady still looking for cozy things like yummy dinners to keep me warm despite this not-so-cold winter) I am so grateful to you!3 years ago

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