December 22, 2010

I Love This Print


Who knows what you win, exactly, but I love the sentiment of this cross stitch print like mad and could see it inspiring a craft of my own, very likely complete with a pronoun change.

Available at the Keep Calm Gallery

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  • heather: i am entertained by this on three levels:

    1. the level on which, surely, you found enjoyment…quaint, vintagey, reassuring in a karmic way that being a person who cares, in life, is more important than being a person with a fancy car.

    2. the “keep calm and carey elwes” way (DU2 the website name)(

    aaand 3. the british ‘the office,’ season 1, episode 4, when they show the training day video: “who cares, wins.” ( heh. 🙂7 years ago

  • Hilarious, heather. I totally forgot about that episode of the Office!7 years ago

  • molly: oh, how awesome is that!

    A very merry Christmas to you, Miss Sarah.7 years ago

  • Julie: I love this! I’ve had the same print of a quote above my desk for years (“Remember the difference between looking and seeing”), but it would be fun to change it up with this one!7 years ago

  • Merry Christmas to you, Molly!

    Oh Julie, that’s a wonderful quote. Merry Christmas, pretty!7 years ago

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