December 17, 2010

Christmas + Cocktails Mix


When you’re drinking your holiday cocktails, you’re going to need a great soundtrack that puts you in a festive mood and isn’t comprised of all the Christmas songs you’re already sick of. Enter this Christmas mix that starts as a swingin’ affair, gets pretty funky and ends with––who else?––Loretta Lynn. Enjoy!

Photo: Holiday Mix card available from Etsy seller SilhouetteBlue

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  • Katherine: How perfect!! This will help me get through the last end-of-year grant apps (so that I can enjoy one of those cocktails… ;))

    Just want to say, I look forward to your posts every day! Keep up the great (and inspiring) work!7 years ago

  • academicsocialite: hey Katherine – ditto! it’s just the busiest time for us lowly/awesome fundraisers!7 years ago

  • Katherine & academicsocialite, Go forth and raise money while getting funky with James Brown in your cubicle! So happy to be a help. 🙂7 years ago

  • maureen: this is glorious. thanks for having fabulous taste in christmas music! it’s helping me pack to go home 😀7 years ago

  • Kanesha: We were grooving during dinner and cooking decorating.
    My mother-in-law wanted to know how to get this mix on her computer. **tee hee**
    Thanks, Sarah!7 years ago

  • Margaret Roach: Love that you tricked out your Grooveshark widget in holiday style. One of the many great tips you have imparted to me these last years: Grooveshark.

    Thanks for smarts, kindness, and that smile of yours.7 years ago

  • Grooveshark has served me well this past year, too. Thanks for the thanks, Margaret––Merry Christmas!7 years ago

  • Victoria: Merry Christmas Baby by Otis Redding is not only my favorite Christmas song of all time but one of my favorite songs of all time period.

    great mix!7 years ago

  • geek+nerd: Missed listening to this, this season, but I have it bookmarked for next year! Hurray!7 years ago

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