September 2, 2010

When It’s Too Hot to Cook


Granted, it flies in the face of my chatter yesterday about autumnal melancholia, but the thing is, it’s very hot here right now. Every morning I go into the living room and aim a fan straight at myself. Ice coffee is made. Brows sweat. And when a friend is coming over for lunch, the last thing I want to do is heat up the apartment. It’s time for a cold, assembled lunch.

I pretty much stole this menu from Lisa when she had me over on one of the most sickeningly steamy nights of the summer. Nothing could have seemed more appealing than the platter of deviled eggs and pile of cold radishes that waited for me on the coffee table. Except, perhaps, a beer float.

Anyway, it was all so perfect that I replicated the meal for a friend with a few riffs of my own: guacamole, deviled eggs, heirloom tomatoes drizzled with olive oil and sprinkled with chives, a plate of nectarines. It’s the perfect picking food when you’re hungry but it’s so dang hot that mostly you want to sit across from your pretty friend on the floor, the fan whirring directly at both of you, plotting big plans from the comfort of the living room.

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  • Lisa (dinner party): Wow, that is one lovely-looking spread! I am flattered.5 years ago

  • Adrienne: I LOVE the assembled meal. We do it when it’s too hot or when we’re too lazy. In fact, Adam has developed quite a skill at putting together weird combinations on top of crackers. I, on the other hand, am spending this hottest day in a while in front of a huge kettle of boiling water, canning salsa. Which we will probably eat as part of an assembled meal later this year. I guess it all evens out :)5 years ago

  • Brooke: I call this kind of meal a happy hour dinner. And it always makes me happy!5 years ago

  • Cadi: We definitely have ‘composed dinner’ like this when it’s hot, but sometimes it’s because we have odds and ends that need eating but not enough to make it a proper meal: a couple small pieces of cheese, a few slices of salame, a handful of a couple types of crackers, some olives hanging around, a lonely piece of fruit on the counter. Some of our best dinners, either just the two of us or impromptu with friends, have come from cleaning out the cheese drawer. :)5 years ago

  • I love the idea of calling this a happy hour dinner!5 years ago

  • molly: I’ll be RIGHT over….5 years ago

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