September 1, 2010

Mixtape: September Light


I feel a little worried about fall this year. I’m having a last gasp of misbehaving summer days, wanting nothing but to sit outside in the sunshine with bare shoulders and drink beer. It’s so unlike me, but I’ve been in a panic about the changing seasons. “There’s something a little melancholy about September,” I said in the car ride up to the country with my book club last weekend. “Yeah,” said Jess, “that’s what I like about it.” Isn’t that what I love about it, too, like the way the light looked on the roadside rocks that Laureen pointed out? Isn’t that what I’ve written about before?

The temperatures, of course, are still summery. But I can already feel my inner Angela Chase rising up. This is the time of year when it feels delicious to lie on the floor in front of fan and listen to music. To play hookey and sit in a cold movie theater in the afternoon and wander by water with your headphones in. This mix was designed expressly for that purpose: autumn walking in your heavy boots, lying on your bed thinking about really sexy guys who will never like you as much as you like them, and general bouts of seasonally-appropriate teen angst. Doesn’t it feel awesome the second time around?

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  • Lisa (dinner party): I’m experiencing a slight “back to school” feeling of dread too. But really, in New York fall doesn’t start for another month. There’s still plenty of time to drink cold beer, wear sundresses, and cut out of work early. At least I hope so.7 years ago

  • I know, I know. The calender changes and I get all freaked out. Let me know when you feel like goofing off together!7 years ago

  • Erin: Loved the songs – such a variety!7 years ago

  • Nora: Hey, your mixtapes are awesome! I am from Austria so I don’t know a lot of the artist you add to the playlist, I am especially pleased to have found a band named after me 🙂
    I have been following your blog for a while, and like reading it a lot. So to your Tian problem. I don’t like them either, they’re rather bland. But cheese makes everything better, so some kind of Tian-thing but from Italy, Eggplant Parmesan- you eat that with crusty white bread and I consider it a meal, especially if you have an espresso and some sweet thing afterwards. If you want a recipe I can give you one from my mum’s sicilian ex-boyfriend 😉7 years ago

  • Leah: This sounds like exactly my kind of thing – but boo, this grooveshark thing is not working for me! I can’t even see the song list. 🙁7 years ago

  • Sara Rose: I haven’t been into summer or fall. I’m in that dreadful apathetic place.7 years ago

  • Anne: There’s a restlessness in me right now…. Clean dishes, laundry, and a massive to-do list might help me get through it. And tunes too 🙂7 years ago

  • Boo, Leah, wonder why you can’t see it? Is anyone else having that problem? (It’s Flash.) Here’s the link to the playlist.7 years ago

  • Bethany: The Jesus and Mary are amazing, and Just Like Honey feels like such a summer’s last fading light song. I really enjoyed the mix tape. I don’t know about feeling dreadful about summer. For me, the year has always started in fall, and this is the time when I make resolutions, begin new classes, and enjoy football season’s energy. I love fall, and especially September when the days are warm and nights are colder.7 years ago

  • Amber: Love this idea.

    But I disagree about the slight melancholy of summer ending and fall beginning….we get to wear lots of layers and scarves and cute boots and sit outside in the cool, crisp evenings with friends. But maybe I’m just tired of the hot and humid South, where we get sticky and frizzy just walking to our cars or into a store 😉 Bring on autumn!7 years ago

  • Christine: can’t stop listening to your picks since yesterday…even when I’m away from the computer! Great choices, love your taste in music.

    thanks so much for sharing and oh boy do I agree about the beer and bare shoulders!

    enjoy the rest of this long hot summer…7 years ago

  • Me neither, Christine! So glad you’re enjoying the mix as much as I am!7 years ago

  • Jessica: Great mix! It reminds me of a the first trip I took with my husband to the mountains. sigh*7 years ago

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