May 13, 2010

8 Things Iā€™m Happy About in May


Women Food and God


Lavender bubble bath


Goldie Hawn’s hair in Foul Play


fava beans


my little brother’s college graduation




morning pages (how cool is anne sexton in this pic?)


my new love of barley

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  • penguinlady: Yay! I’m happy to see “Foul Play” get some love. It’s a delightful movie with a great, funny chase scene through SF and Goldie & Chevy doing some of their best work together.6 years ago

  • Christine S.: tell me about the book!6 years ago

  • Stephanie: My little brother just graduated from college too!

    It’s funny, there have been a couple of Sexton articles recently. She was the subject of my extended essay in highschool. Loved these 2 pieces: and years ago

  • penguinlady, I LOVED Foul Play! So, so funny. And holy crap, Chevy Chase sure was sexy. Yowza.

    Christine, a href=””>I wrote a long piece about Women Food and God here. The short story is, it had a pretty big effect on me, and I could see other women really getting something out of it, too.

    Stephanie, Congrats to your brother! I’m going to check out those links. Thank you!6 years ago

  • Erin: Is it me, or does Chevy Chase actually look pretty handsome in that picture? Huh… (fist to chin, thoughtfully)6 years ago

  • It’s not just you, Erin. HOT. šŸ™‚6 years ago

  • Erin: It was a very startling realization to make! I mean, I’ve loved him for years, but never actually found him attractive before… šŸ™‚6 years ago

  • Kerry: WOW! This is so where I’m at. Love Geneen Roth and didn’t know she’d also write about God. Just had an amazing talk about writing last night that brought up morning pages again (have been running from them for 5 years!) and love peonies.

    Not to mention I went to Rice University, and lived in Park Slope, Brooklyn before moving to London! Love this blog!6 years ago

  • Erin, I totally hear you. I was slightly disturbed by my reaction. šŸ™‚

    Kerry, Whoa — worlds colliding! That is really cool. Geneen’s concept of God is really relatable for me. It’s not really so much guy-in-the-sky as it is all that’s kind and good and beautiful in the world. And she talks about meditation and inquiry as a way to access God. Pretty great stuff, for me, anyway. Oh — and I’m loving morning pages! My best friend got me into them, and I would recommend them to everyone!6 years ago

  • amber: LOVE LOVE LOVE the morning pages! What a fab tool.6 years ago

  • Sofia: isn’t geneen roth fabulous? i’m loving her latest book, too. and your blog. glad i found you!6 years ago

  • Sarah F: The book looks interesting; I’ll have to check it out. I’ve never heard of Geneen Roth before, and she sounds very interesting.

    I adore peonies. If I had my druthers I’d live in a nice house with a white fence and a yard full of peonies.

    **SIGH** And I have been running from Morning Pages for about 8 years now. I tell myself it’s because they are for morning people and I’m not one so I can’t do them, which is just a very poor excuse.6 years ago

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