March 17, 2010

101 Small Daily Pleasures


1. fresh flowers on the kitchen table
2. crisp cotton sheets
3. soft skin
4. old family recipes
5. the first daffodils of spring
6. sleeping in
7. an exercise endorphin high
8. window boxes
9. a perfect cup of coffee
10. a genuine compliment (giving or receiving)

11. the way babies smell
12. a handwritten letter
13. sitting on patios
14. singing in the shower
15. finding a couple forgotten dollars in your pocket
16. random acts of kindness
17. a home cooked meal
18. laughing
19. movie theater popcorn
20. playing hookey
21. a bubble bath
22. swimming
23. an afternoon nap
24. street musicians
25. your favorite song
26. saying thank you
27. helping someone in need
28. old fashioned photo booths
29. fresh whipped cream
30. inspiring blogs
31. a glass of wine
32. rainy afternoons
33. the funny things kids say
34. a novel you can get lost in
35. finding the perfect piece of clothing…on sale
36. clean laundry
37. the wind in your hair
38. treating the person behind you at the drive-thru
39. sharing an umbrella
40. the smell of lavender
41. a long walk that clears your head
42. a bear hug
43. The Beatles
44. smiling at a stranger
45. eating with chopsticks (Chinese food optional)
46. butterflies
47. staying in your pj’s all day
48. singing along to the radio and knowing all the words
49. fresh herbs
50. ordering in pizza
51. happy endings…even if they’re fictional
52. flying a kite
53. puppies
54. root beer floats
55. holding open the door…
56. …or having someone hold the door for you
57. fountain soda
58. white, fluffy towels
59. sunshine
60. spending an afternoon at a museum
61. really great advice
62. green lights all the way home
63. the sound of rain hitting the windows (especially when you’re in bed)
64. sitting in a booth
65. holding hands
66. a great hair day with no effort
67. floating
68. when someone falls asleep with their head on your shoulder
69. fireflies
70. the perfect taco
71. geraniums on a windowsill
72. slow dancing
73. the smell of fresh-baked bread
74. cheesy, uplifting musicals
75. great stories
76. the smell of gasoline
77. the cold side of the pillow
78. love letters
79. old friends…
80. …new friends
81. a pull-through parking space
82. a baguette — crisp on the outside, airy on the inside
83. when a dog licks your hand
84. sitting at the counter at an old-fashioned diner
85. using your favorite dishes
86. reading a bedtime story to a tyke
87. a fresh bar of soap
88. flossing
89. kissing someone you love
90. the smell of onions and garlic cooking
91. hot chocolate
92. jumping in puddles
93. old photographs
94. birds hopping on the sidewalk
95. Ella Fitzgerald
96. a spoonful of peanut butter straight from the jar
97. your softest t-shirt
98. a new magazine in the mail
99. fireplaces
100. having exact change
101. bacon and pancakes cooking on Saturday morning

What else?

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  • LissyLou: mmmmm….i love that! x8 years ago

  • Karen: Love it 🙂 Along with the “spoonful of peanut butter” how about a spoonful of Nutella straight from the jar? I’ve been known to do that a time or two. Always puts a smile on my face!8 years ago

  • Sara Rose: French toast. Period.8 years ago

  • Sarah F: My little daily pleasures include hugging a shih tzu and getting little poodle kisses. I also love watching the poodle’s little stubby tail wag. Another I look forward to- getting hand-written letters from my sweetheart in the mail.8 years ago

  • Julia: – sharing a joke
    – painting your nails (for me its a pleasure anyway)
    – hearing your beloved’s key in the door in the evening
    – ….even better, when they’re already home & cooking you something tasty for dinner 🙂
    – an hour or so ‘zoning out’ (watching mindless TV, reading a book/magazing, staring at the ceiling…. anything)
    – a phone call from a friend
    – perfume8 years ago

  • Adrianna: Taking a cut from a forsythia bush and getting it to bloom indoors before it even blooms outside.

    Blackberry tea.

    Soda bread.

    A ladies lunch with your mother and grandmother.8 years ago

  • Sasa: 118. Reading a post at Pink of Perfection and tearing up a little.8 years ago

  • Albion Chrisman: That’s a beautiful list! And it makes me grateful for the many small pleasures that enrich day to day life.8 years ago

  • carolyn: oh, i just love your blog! so darling!

    i’d have to say the way your hair smells and feels after a haircut (on my mind because i just had one). and how do they get it so shiny??8 years ago

  • Lynne: Such a wonderful list!!
    Tulips are my absolute favorite and we still have some snow on the ground so no spring flowers popping through yet.
    Thanks for posting this, it brightened my day 🙂8 years ago

  • Maria Stuart: homemade chicken noodle soup. wish I had some right now.8 years ago

  • Maria Stuart: oh but wait! before you can have the soup, you have to have the roasted chicken – the perfect Sunday night dinner.8 years ago

  • evontameca: blueberry compote
    embroidery magazines
    getting great comments on your facebook status
    bargain books… from anywhere
    buying lemons

    See Sara, you have alot to say! I love it!8 years ago

  • Wendy: Beautiful stationery.
    Lovely fabric.
    softest yarn ever.
    House plants.
    Afgans to cuddle in.
    Rosalind Russell in anything.
    Happy music.
    Flower Drum Song(musical)
    mint chocolate chip ice cream8 years ago

  • Rae: Dear Sarah and Friends,

    These two websites just made my day and I had to share them with you all.


    Rae8 years ago

  • Kandice: Such a great list, I love everything on here. Annnd Fresh bake cookies, running in the rain, watching old black and white movies , letting a kid play in your hair.
    …are you by chance a Taurus? Second guess Virgo or Capricorn? :o)

    Thanks for sharing!8 years ago

  • Amanda: Baby smiles
    A natural and wholesome smoothie
    A perfectly chilled glass of champagne
    The gust of fresh air right as the window opens
    The moments before arriving somewhere wonderful and anticipated8 years ago

  • Brooke: Nothing smells better than onions and garlic cooking!

    I’d add holding a sleepy puppy, toasting good news with friends, and singing with the windows down in the car.8 years ago

  • Ha! Good guesses, but I’m an Aries, Kandice!8 years ago

  • Ellen: At the risk of repeating what others have already said, I too really like your list and also had the thought after reading it and the comments that us humans are so fortunate that there are so many things for us to enjoy. I would add: seeing the results of Spring cleaning, washing the car on a warm summer morning, my cat sitting on my lap or curling up next to me, gold fish in a fish bowl, the sound of frogs on a warm evening,watching fireflies at night. (Obviously I can’t wait for warmer weather!) But I also like a good fire going in my wood stove on cool or cold days and the smell of leaves and wood smoke in the Fall as well as distant sounds of chainsaws or lawnmowers8 years ago

  • Linnea: Sarah, I loved your list! It made me smile and remember to think about the pleasure these small joys bring. Here are a list of 5 simple pleasures… off the top of my head:

    1. walking through the neighborhood & smelling laundry
    2. vitamins & orange juice in the morning
    3. tidying up the living room
    4. making & eating soup
    5. sweet riesling after dinner

    Hope you had a great Monday! I thoroughly enjoy reading your blog.
    Linnea8 years ago

  • Cadi: -Getting the patio ready for spring entertaining
    -Sewing or crocheting quietly in the evening
    -Airing out my sundresses for upcoming warmer weather
    -Saltwater sandals
    -Warm towels right out of the dryer8 years ago

  • Jackie: wonderful list!
    let’s add:
    planning a trip!

    remembering your dream from the night before

    savasana pose listening to krisha das’ mere gurudev (my favorite)

    savoring a square of dark chocolate

    finding a picture you haven’t seen in ages8 years ago

  • Victoria Vaught: Opening the mail box to find a letter rather than a bill.8 years ago

  • Jo: cozy socks!

    and getting to bare your toes after months of those socks.8 years ago

  • Vanessa Stella: Hi! I loveeee this article! After viewing it on Yahoo Shine I wrote a blog about it and shared the link with my readers.
    Thanks for such an uplifting post…here’s the link to my blog if you’d like to check it out

    -Vanessa8 years ago

  • Ruth @ GraceLaced: So inspiring! I must make a list, myself. My adds:

    -cooking for someone you love and watching them take their first bite.
    -finding the song you heard a snippet of on the radio (Mine is Heartbeats by Jose Gonzales)
    -waking up to a clean kitchen8 years ago

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