January 19, 2010

Thought for January: Joy is Inside You


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There are certain core teachings that can forever shift the way you see the world. “Joy is within you” is one of them. Even if you hear it in purely psychophysical terms, if you really hear it, it’s going to help you recognize one of the most empowering truths there is: It is actually possible to feel happy regardless of how the world is treating you, or how horrible your childhood was, or the fact that all of your friends are more successful than you are. You can even, this teaching implies, be happy when you’re failing at something or when you’re sick.

The process of cultivating joy could look something like this. It begins with the simple understanding that joy is real, and then continues with the decision to tune your mind and heart so they are open enough to feel it. — Sally Kempton, Yoga Journal

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  • Shandell's: A great card for today and every day.6 years ago

  • KBG in DC: Thank you for these occasional meditations. You are saving me the time to read Yoga Journal myself! 🙂6 years ago

  • Katie: This is a definite day-brightener right here! Words to live by!6 years ago

  • Jennifer: This sentiment is exactly what a friend and I needed to “hear” today. Thanks!6 years ago

  • Sometimes you just need to be reminded of stuff like this. You know it, but being reminded makes all the difference.6 years ago

  • Anna of Live Solid: This definitely picked me up!6 years ago

  • Suzy: How true (but “duh” simultaneously)! It’s true, sometimes the simplest, most obvious things are what we most need to be reminded of…6 years ago

  • Evon T.: We must make this way of thinking a habit. It’s wonderful at the thought of being “high on life”, and sometimes I actually feel that way, but other times, it takes much more of an effort to get to that place. I know that we’re all dealt a bad hand at some point in our lives, but being resilient may actually be a learned behavior. We must practice, practice, practice. Thanks, Sarah!6 years ago

  • Lara: I read something similar to this when I was in high school and suffering that teenage angst that makes us think the world will always suck, and it helped me SO much. It is such an inspirational way to think, that even if we are sad because something went wrong right now, we can still be happy at the same time, in a bigger way.6 years ago

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