January 27, 2010

Giveaway: The Recipe Club


The Recipe Club is rich in the best kinds of ways. Picking your way through thick, beautifully designed pages of recipes, letters, and emails over forty years of friendship feels finding a secret box of mementos in a closet (kind like Griffin and Sabine for foodies). But it’s the sustenance of friendship that makes this book so satisfying. I loved most what my girl crush Lynne Rossetto Kasper said: “Food and love without the schmaltz and warm fuzzies is what kept me turning the pages of this book. If you’re lucky enough to have that one true best friend, you’ll find all the love, prickliness, laughter, blood curdling honesty, and joy here.” One reader will be picked at random to win a free copy from Harper Collins. Enter to win by leaving a comment about a memory of food and friendship by 12 midnight EST, Friday, January 29. Only US mailing addresses.

Update 02/01:

And the winner is Dana! Thanks so much to everyone for sharing your awesome stories.

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  • Samantha Angela @ Bikini Birthday: I’ll never forget my first dinner party. I was 15 and had my 5 closest friends over for an amazing meal. I made mushroom risotto, green beans almandine, and sauteed chicken breast. I finished it all up with some vanilla ice cream and flambeed bananas.8 years ago

  • Marsi: I just stumbled across your blog this morning through another blog link and am asking myself how it’s possible that I’ve never seen your before?? Your blog and topics are so fantastic, and I’ll be perusing your archives for sure. I love your “French Friday” concept. I am a lifelong Francophile myself, so your blog really strikes a chord. Would love to be entered in the draw; merci!8 years ago

  • Forrest Anderson: My favorite food and friend memory is making up pasta dishes with my roomates in our horrible shared dorm kitchen. We had very few kitchen tools but we had lots of fun improvising!8 years ago

  • Erin: Over the summer when I was about 12, a friend and I were allowed to walk to the swimming pool and then afterward stop at the local diner to get french fries. For 3 months of summer, we did this weekly, and our pre-adolescent gossip over a big old basket of fries still sticks with me.8 years ago

  • Claire: even though my roommates and i have pretty different food tastes, we usually wind up cooking dinner in the kitchen at the same time. even if we’re all making different dinners, our time together in the kitchen really brings us together.8 years ago

  • Cristina: One of my most favorite food memories is from when I was about 13. I somehow got by with playing hookey from school, and at the time my great grandmother lived with us. We spent the day baking Italian ‘S’ cookies — just one of the dozens of recipes she had memorized — and eating them hot out of the oven, sans frosting, with strawberries picked fresh from the garden. By far one of my most favorite memories of my great grandmother, too!8 years ago

  • Jessica: Hi! I don´t have a US mailing address, but food is such an important bonding tool for me that I wanted to comment anyway.

    My best friend and I first connected while attempting to bake bread on a wilderness canoe trip. We found ourselves falling into the depths of despair when a fellow canoeist spilled our sugar ration into the campfire.

    Our shared love of food (eating and cooking) has led us on some interesting adventures in the kitchen, from dill pickle dip and licorice whips (a late-night study vice…) to what is now a long-standing tradition of making chocolates to give to our friends and family at Christmas. She now lives in Cuba, and I live in Spain, which makes communication difficult. However, when we coincide in our hometown, we pick up right where we left off, and of course, food is always involved.8 years ago

  • Anne: I am living far away from my best friends and family and find we often connect through recipes or stories of meals shared. Even if it is only a brief email about the best pancakes ever, or the easiest way to bake potatoes, it still feels like a rich, albeit small, conversation. Isn’t food great like that?8 years ago

  • Kayduh: My family is very close and we all love to eat. Growing up, my mother would complain about having to do all the cooking, so one of us would sign up to make dinner. She would sit at the kitchen table, watching me closely, frequently saying ‘the stove is the hardest thing in the kitchen to clean!’. This phrase has become a huge family joke and is repeated over and over again anytime anyone spills anything or even uses the stove. My boyfriend thinks I am crazy when I say it to him!8 years ago

  • Becca Smith Hill: My favorite friendship-food memory is of me and my best friend eating scores of Soft Batch cookies and Bagel Bites almost every Friday night during my middle school/early high school years…not glamorous, but what a great memory! Wish I could still eat that food combination on a regular basis 🙂8 years ago

  • Sara Lang: This past Thanksgiving, I had 30 friends over for food, wine, and of course laughter. My favorite moment was two of my friends trying to wrestle a turkey out of an oven bag while saving the drippings for gravy only to watch, horrified, as the turkey went flying (luckily into a clean pan!!). Once we all recovered, it was the best dinner I’ve ever had.8 years ago

  • Amy C: Oh my goodness. Definitely when I fed what must have been 50 of my friends in my college apartment. I made my mom’s famous spaghetti sauce, and word got around and I ended up making 3 huge pots of it, with pounds and pounds of spaghetti. It made my heart so full to see homesick college students eating a taste of my home, and feeling happy and satisfied. It was such a fun experience, we still talk about it.8 years ago

  • fritz: my freshman year of college, definitely the first or second night after moving in i went to a team mates room and met her roomate, we chatted a bit then both found ourselves eating her baby dill pickles and forming a life long friendship…8 years ago

  • Erica: I remember when my college friends and I made wontons at 3 AM…even though we were tired, we were also well-fed!8 years ago

  • emily: i have been creating some of my favorite food memories since i’ve been in nyc (a year). so far, it’s many many brunches with friends – both at our apartments and restaurants.8 years ago

  • Megan: I feel as if I have a million and ten memories wrapped around friendship and food, somehting I feel is due, in large part, to my family. The thing is we all like to eat, to the point where discussion of the next meal starts during the current meal and holiday dinners require about a month and multiple spreadsheets to organiza. I love that this slightly odd trait was passed on to me because most of my memories with friends now feature a new appetizer or dessert I decided to try or long nights at great restaurants, laughing over wine.8 years ago

  • Meredith: My best friend and I have birthdays just a day apart. While in college we threw each other a big black and white birthday party and catered it ourselves. I remember making miniature cupcakes at 2 a.m. and just laughing and talking with my best friend.8 years ago

  • Christina: My college roommates and I had a weekend reunion last summer, and spent most of the weekend cooking. Between two CSA shares and loads of fresh picked blueberries, we had a wonderful assortment of simple but tasty meals. We even made our own cheese!8 years ago

  • Lauren: Too many wonderful food memories to recount! One that definitely sticks out is the annual Christmas Eve party at our family friend’s house. Every year they make the best clam chowder I’ve ever had. It’s great being surrounded by friends and family from growing up, eating clam chowder loaded with those special crackers, with some fudge and other Christmasy sweets on the side.8 years ago

  • WannaBePinkTeri: My memory is learning to cook some new and different things from my mother-in-law who has since passed away (2 years ago on Feb 3rd). She made the most AMAZING potato gratin…she made it for me most holidays and always on my birthday. She was a part of my life for far too few years. I have her special “cooking dish” that she made the potatoes in, but they’ll never be as good as hers. I think of her everytime I attempt her potatoes or roast some asparagus or fresh beets. Thank you Peggy…I miss you dearly!!!8 years ago

  • Lizziefirst: Sometimes friendships spring up around food and then lead to a lifetime of laughing and sharing. A special friendship began because we shared an office; then started eating lunch together and that led to planning, shopping, cooking, and eating lunch together for years – memories I’ll always treasure…8 years ago

  • Leah: I seem to have attached specific food specialties to indidual friends: Anna’s flan, Meredith’s drunken watermelon, Cheryl’s Mexican wedding cake cookies; Tomoko’s tea sandwiches; Tera’s gorgeous cakes with sugar-frosted grapes, Jen’s gougeres…. I know just whom to turn to when faced with a particular craving.8 years ago

  • Holly: My sister’s and my food ritual while on vacation in New York City in 2006: bagels from Zabar’s every morning, eaten on a bench. Tasti-D-Lite twice a day, eaten while walking.
    Every imaginable type of food available in the city, and we did this for four days straight.8 years ago

  • Nikki: My most recent and best memory is having dinner parties with wives of other deployed soldiers. There’s nothing like strong women assembling together to laugh through a tough time.8 years ago

  • Natasha Grimaudo: When I was in 4th grade a friend and I decided to make chocolate chip cookies together on a cloudy Saturday afternoon. We begged for my mom to help us but she assured us that we could do it ourselves. With new-gained confidence in our hearts we put on our aprons and got to work. We took out all needed ingredients, measuring spoons and bowls. We followed the directions perfectly, or so we thought. Before putting the chocolate chips in we decided to indulge ourselves a little and try the batter. It was awful! We had mistakenly put in 1 cup of baking soda instead of the 1 teaspoon the recipe called for. No amount of flour, sugars and vanilla could save the dough.8 years ago

  • KBG in DC: My best friends from high school are still my best friends today, I think because we spent so much time in cafes discussing life’s joys and tragedies over cappuccino. To this day, I don’t order cappuccino unless I’m ready to settle in for a nice long chat with a good friend.8 years ago

  • Anna: I have so many food/friendship memories, but one is a childhood memory of always eating brie when we went to visit my grandmother. Brie is still my favorite cheese to this day!8 years ago

  • Michele: My best friend and I are passionate cooks and eaters. After college our careers took us in different directions and we were never able to live out our dream of living and cooking together with “real grown-up kitchen equipment and a real grown-up budget”. So now we use our annual visits to get down to serious cooking and share our favorite recipes. We can spend an entire night in the kitchen, deciding at 3am to whip up a batch of Gingerbread Waffles or Penne a la Vodka, just because.8 years ago

  • Liz: My memory to share is a pretty recent one: for Thanksgiving this past year my friends and I got together in our new home (that was half in moving shambles) to celebrate the holiday together. I had an old folding table, rented chairs, completely mismatched silverware, and a crappy plastic tablecloth. It turned out to be one of the best meals of my life. We had such an array of food (from tamales to butternut squash bread pudding to traditional mashed potatoes and gravy) and the effort that everyone put in was so evident. Sitting at the table with my closest friends, I felt as content, relaxed and at home as I ever have with my actual family (if not more so!). It reminded me how much I had to be thankful for.8 years ago

  • Sarah Sheldon: My first time cooking a turkey for Thanksgiving was a few years ago. I thought it would be easy, as I had experience cooking as whole chickens and turkey breasts …I was certainly in for a surprise.

    One of roommates walked into the house to find me trying to hold my phone between my head and shoulder as my mom walked me through the process. I was failing miserably. After she laughed hysterically, she refused to hold the bird, but she did hold the phone, so I could follow my mother’s directions with more ease.8 years ago

  • Christine S.: Easy-peasy…I have two stories for you! One was a Thanksgiving spent with a bevy of friends feeding the homeless…what joy both on the friendship front and the giving front! The other is after my divorce to my kids’ dad…friends came over to my new place. In appreciation of all their help over a few months (with the kids, with work, with moving), I cooked for them and what an awesomely lovely time it was! (Eggplant parm and chicken parm were the highlights of that meal…and, some damn good wine!:)8 years ago

  • Laura: Wishing I had a US address!! This book looks lovely. I’ll leave my memory anyway. When me and my best friend were in our teens, if we ever fell out when we made up we would meet half way between my house and hers then walk together to one of our houses and share a can of heinz soup. We never really said sorry or even acknowledged that we had fallen out, just chatted over soup. We also used to take corned beef and ketchup sandwiches and a flask of coffee down to the lake and put the worlds to rights. We have got classier in our food choices over the years though. lol.8 years ago

  • Melissa: Food memories are all about my Nanny and making biscuts. YUMO, you know those really good ones with lard in them that are so flakey. I was allowed to make snake biscuts while she made the most perfect round ones.8 years ago

  • Amanda Jean: My favorite food/friend memory was in my second year of college. About a week before Thanksgiving, my group of friends decided to have a “Thanksgiving potluck”. We had such amazing food and fun times! It was the first time I really felt like a “grown-up”.8 years ago

  • Karen: One of my favorite food memories is from college. My husband and I had just started dating and neither one of us could go home for Thanksgiving, so we cooked a Thanksgiving dinner together. We did not know how to cook, but we figured it out (with a little help from our moms through phone calls, yes this was before computers). We had a really nice Thanksgiving dinner.8 years ago

  • Sarah Lenz: Every winter when the cold weather became nearly unbearable, my mother would make chicken and dumplings AND mashed potatoes. I still make her egg dumplings from scratch and feel comforted. When it’s snowy and blustry and STILL January there’s nothing quite like a carb saturated meal.8 years ago

  • Katie: There are so many! But I’ll choose a more recent one. One of my closest gal pals and I had gotten together for a girl’s night in at her place and we decided, what’s more girlish than brownies made from scratch, so we made them. The were the WORST brownies we’d EVER had! They were squishy on the inside with a really hard outer shell! But, of course, we couldn’t let our hard work go to waste, so we proceeded to eat them with spoons! They were terrible, but we just couldn’t stop laughing. Now everytime I see her, all I have to say is “brownies” and we burst into a fit of giggles!8 years ago

  • Betsy Peggy: The night before I left for college, my two closest friends and I baked our own deep-dish pizza, and took it, still piping hot from the oven, to our look-out point to see Boston’s skyline lit up. We ate with the pan resting on our laps, laughing, crying and talking about how things were just starting to change. We finished the pie by 1am, hugged goodbye and went home.8 years ago

  • Bethany: This fall, my two busy friends and I had a lazy lunch day at a local Vietnamese restaurant famous for its boba tea. Although I didn’t particularly love what I ordered (stir fry with spicy basil sauce that was more sweet than spicy), it was filled with laughter and girl talk. Then later we looked at all the shops on Campus Corner, looking at silly outfits and envying gorgeous pairs of shoes.8 years ago

  • Cheryl: Many, many years ago 7 friends (3 guys, 4 girls) and I had a progressive dinner. It was during the middle of winter in our senior year of high school. There was so much snow on the ground that year, we barely made it from house to house. Afterward, we all went sledding. I don’t remember what we ate, but we sure had a blast!8 years ago

  • jj: When we and all our friends are a little too broke to travel, a wonderful way to “explore” and to share time together has been to host themed dinner parties … We started out with a modern take on Swedish cuisine and drink (including the classic mulled wine Glogg), and then a Korean feast. Can’t wait to see where in the world we will go week by week with friends and food!8 years ago

  • Kokie: Chick Flick Movie Night

    Disney Princess Movies + Lava Cakes + Italian food (who doesn’t love noodles!) + Girl Talk = AMAZING time!8 years ago

  • John: My favorite food/friendship memory is when I caught up with a good friend from high school on a food tour of Chicago. We learned all about the history and architecture of the city while we sampled food from a traditional Jewish deli, a tea shop, a caterer, a couple of chocolate shops, a spice house, a specialty oil house, and many more stores. It was one of the best afternoons of my life.8 years ago

  • Lara: When my best friend and I were about 8 we had just woken up at her house and decided to make ourselves breakfast. The pancakes turned out fine, but when we were making the bacon we got scared that it was sizzling so much so we took it over to the sink and turned the faucet on. Needless to say that was one smokey mess, we are lucky it didn’t catch fire!! We still joke about it, and she still cannot cook! It is one of mu fondest memories, because it was one of the many lessons in life we have learned together.8 years ago

  • Ellen: When my husband & I were just dating (and living together IN SIN ;), we didn’t have a lot of money. We did, however, want to have friends over. We spent a lot of time playing board / card / word / video games & having potlucks. We’d make the main dish & ask people to bring everything else. Some meals that work particularly well – tacos with Gary’s salsa & Laura’s dessert & Abe’s drinks, or a BBQ with Jannell’s margaritas, Abby’s brownies, Roberta’s fruit salad, CJ’s beer, Ed’s homemade ice cream, etc.8 years ago

  • Lauren Grace: Well, you give me the impression that you want a story that includes good food. Too bad my friends and I were inept at cooking!

    Well, it all started one night when my best friend Bridget decided to start a business (this is at seven years old, mind you). So we thought and pondered and suddenly- the best idea for a child’s business was bestowed upon us! Charlie and the Chocolate Factory!! So we headed down to the store to get materials for Bridget and me; she would be Willy Wonka (of course), and I would be the Oopma Loompa (man I wore that green wig and silly white eyebrows with pride!) Then, we started brewing up a multitude of disasters in my poor mother’s kitchen with sour milk. Imitating the chocolate factory, I humbly presented Mr. Wonka with the bars of chocolate, the sugar, and the milk. How we didn’t know it was sour is a mystery to me. Maybe our senses were blinded by imagination… Anyways, we tasted our concoction of Peter Pan peanut butter and my mother’s (sacred) Ghiradelli chocolate. When we took that first bite, we tried to savor each moment of our creation- a creation that will make millions! Then reality hit Willy Wonka and the Oopma Loompa with a whiff of gross and a flavor of eww.

    Ah, those we the good ol’ days. Good thing my mother intervened so that moment will never happen again!8 years ago

  • Lauren Grace: I would just like to apologize for my grammatical and spelling errors in my previous entry. I’m a high school english student and, let’s just say, if Dr. Cognard saw this she’d would write explicit words in red ink. Ughhh, I’m such a geek!8 years ago

  • maria: my favorite memory of my best friend and i is making annie’s parmesan mac and cheese and putting black pepper on top like we were gourmands (hah), drinking cheap but tasty red wine and just enjoying the simplicity of each others company8 years ago

  • Christine H.: Honestly, my favorite food & friendship memory is morning or afternoon (sometimes both!) coffee & “biscuits” everyday with my best friend the last time I was able to visit her in New Zealand. While I love being able to see & talk to her over Skype, it’s just not the same as sharing our love of books or telling mundane, everyday life stories over a shared pot of coffee. I miss those afternoon chats.8 years ago

  • Lauren Parola: I have many wonderful memories of cooking with my big Italian family over the years. My favorite memory is when I was 10 and I learned how to make gnocchi with my grandparents. It took all day, but it felt like an amazing accomplishment and cemented my love of cooking (especially with my family) forever.8 years ago

  • Sabrina: My love for cooking began when living at home with my parents while attending college. My father has always been a foodie and he and I would concoct some incredible menus. We began experimenting with recipes from Gourmet magazine and using the most unusual ingredients. While living in a small town did not lend itself to finding lemongrass stalks and curries of sorts, the town I was working in did. The farmers market there was eye candy for me. Needless to say, to this day I will always cherish the times I cooked and learned about foods with my family!8 years ago

  • SKN: During my most recent visit with my best friend who lives in St. Paul, MN, we roasted two full chickens for the first time and made fresh pico de gallo. It was delicious. Ever since that night two months ago, every time I think of having some chips and salsa I think of her! We constantly share recipes back and forth so I’m going to sent her this book for her birthday – which is today!8 years ago

  • Dana: My friend and I would make brownies and cakes when we were in high school. We attempted elaborate concoctions but our favorite thing to do was to whip up a delicious brownie batter… and eat it raw. Not the wisest course of action, given the possibility of getting salmonella, but luckily we never got sick.8 years ago

  • Rachel: I was 15 when I went to live in northern Japan for a year as an exchange student. I had a terribly difficult time adjusting to the new language and customs, and to being The American. Very slowly I made a few real friends. The best of them, Kyoko, was a relentlessly cheery girl who always had an positive take on my homesickness and frustrations. One day she said we were going to have dinner together after school. Period. Next thing I knew, we were walking down a back alley in downtown Asahikawa, and ducking into the tiniest of sushi shops. Sushi aficionados will tell you that’s always where you get the best sushi – back alleys. Turns out Kyoko’s uncle was a sushi chef, and he proceeded to ply us with the most beautiful dishes he could think of, probably 15 different kinds of sushi in all. And then hot green tea, and then homemade pineapple sorbet. I’m sure that meal should have cost at least $200 for each of us. But we just sat there for hours and enjoyed ourselves and listened to Kyoko’s aunt and uncle’s stories about their sushi shop adventures. It was the most delicious and heartwarming meal I’ve ever eaten.8 years ago

  • Bridget: In high school, we used to have “cook-offs”. My friends lily and pat were highly competitive about their culinary skills. Pat, because she was a talent and lily because, despite never ever cooking, was just competitive ;). The rest of us would sit back, watch them cook and eat courses and courses of amazing food.

    i need to make the suggestions that cookoffs happen again!8 years ago

  • fran: Just last night my best friend e-mailed me her comment that she was experiencing “dinner torpor” and she wanted to plunk down with a big bowl of spaghetti and leave her husband and 2 girls to fend for themselves; I e-mailed back that having just finished making slow-cooker pulled pork and homemade biscuits, we were clearly not in sync today. I love having a friend to share food moments with; I wish we lived closer to cook and eat together. Then we could eat spinach sauteed in garlic and carmelized onions with the perfect company of two people who love the same food and WITHOUT all the comments from the crew who don’t know what’s tasty.8 years ago

  • Moll: My newest favorite food and friend memory is of last Thanksgiving. For the first time we had Thanksgiving in our own home and invited friends over to share it with us instead of making the cross-country trek to spend the day with family. It was so much fun to share the varied recipes we had grown up with in our different corners of the world, even if they did make fun of my holiday guilty pleasure: canned cranberry sauce.8 years ago

  • DesigningDiva: There are too many to choose from…but I would have to say that my Four Friends’ Club is a great food memory that keeps on giving. Four of us (former co-workers) get together four times a year (once a season) to do crafts and catch up. The hostess suggests and teaches the craft and provides the lunch. We all love to cook and we like to make the lunches special and kind of fancy but not difficult. We look forward to seeing each other, talking,
    and being creative – and eating, of course!8 years ago

  • Jaime: My friends and I never stop at the chance to plan a pot luck get-together with food and drink for any occasion… we love giving our dishes creative names. It’s dorky but fun 🙂8 years ago

  • Brooke: My best friend from high school and I would skip school on Fridays to go grab cheeseburgers at the local “greasy spoon.” Except for one day we started in the door for lunch and saw our principal and superintendent sitting at the bar. Since we’ve grown up a little, she has become an amazing cook and I have learned so much from her–we’ve found the best meals are made in one of our kitchens with wine and laughter and never ending conversation. Sometimes we get distracted, but we always manage to get dinner on the table and it’s always delicious. Even better than those greasy burgers. (Which were pretty good.)8 years ago

  • Jesswest: My best friend in high school was a vegetarian, with parents who were unsupportive of her choice. We would make vegetarian recipes together, and our favorite was Inspiration Soup from Molly Katzen (artichoke hearts, spinach, potatoes). Every time I make it I think of Jo!8 years ago

  • Allyn: My memory is a little wild, since it’s from my high school days when I was cutting school, hanging out in Central Park and doing things I shouldn’t have been doing. Needless to say, the morning after some underage drinking I woke up at my best friend’s house w/ my first real hangover. My best friend, who loved cooking, made me the best breakfast ever that morning: ham steak with syrup. I still remember it so fondly, and knew that we’d be friends forever. We’re still going strong after 16 years!
    (And side note: I LOVE the Griffin & Sabine books!!)8 years ago

  • Carly: This book sounds great. The food and friends memory that immediately came to mind was my best friend in high school Lisa, Sunday nights at her house recapping our weekends and baking up these frozen, pepperidge farm giant cookies (one cookie, size of a dinner plate, don’t think they make them any more), topping it with ice cream and caramel sauce, and devouring it while we gossiped. I should email her and ask if she wants to split a giant cookie soon…8 years ago

  • michella: my favorite memory is baking cupcakes for friends when they visit. sometimes, I will just whip up a small batch for us to enjoy while we sit and chat.8 years ago

  • Misty: somehow the two always intertwine… a great coffee date with a girl friend; new & unique bistros while traveling with friends. the best times, however, for me- are entertaining… My favorite memory of all time would be celebrating an urban family anniversary with fondue, on a local lake dock- under the stars… Beautiful.8 years ago

  • Carole: I grew up in a bicultural household. When I was a child (in the late 60;s and early 70’s), I was embarrassed by what we ate at home or I couldn’t really fit it into the conversation of my friends. I kind of bisected my life by keeping the home life separate from what I showed my friends.
    Much later, I have learned, against a backdrop of a more accepting and expanding food plate, to make friends across the dining table. It never ceases to amaze me that the stories that we share which grow out of food related experiences often help us to open up and deepen our understanding of ourselves and each other.8 years ago

  • Susie: Breakfast with Dad: homemade chipped beef on Thomas’ English Muffins. Aroma is as powerful as image in invoking a memory. Whenever I smell the combination of the creamed chipped beef on those muffins I am taken to those many years ago in our little kitchen on Essex Avenue.8 years ago

  • annie: Baking and cooking with my grandmother. For years my grandmother who lived with us when I was young would prepare the most delectable dishes. Her famous apple strudel and blintzes and her great chicken soup. When I walked in the door after school these wondeful aromas greeted me.8 years ago

  • Clare: I have many, many memories involving food and friendships, but one of my favourite involves Thanksgiving and my cousin (who was also one of my best friends growing up). We would travel to Ohio every year to my grandparent’s house. She lived next door to them, so she’d always be waiting at the door for us to pull in. As soon as we could escape the adults, we’d make a beeline for the basement, where we would sneak into the freezer and grab the cranberry ice my grandma made every year. We’d sit right down on the basement floor and dig in…we couldn’t wait! And of course, we got in trouble every. single. year.

    And on a side note, you mentioned one of my all time favourite books!! Griffin and Sabine! You rock!8 years ago

  • Jennifer: My best friend Jordan and I love making different lasagnas together. We are always on the hunt for the perfect recipe. And our significant others always enjoy eating them!8 years ago

  • The Healthy Hostess: I would love to read this book!
    🙂8 years ago

  • Kassia: My birthday is in late March, and two years ago that left me……4 months or so pregnant. My friends wanted so badly celebrate with me. SO I demanded to go to my favorite Italian restaurant. They got a little tispy and I sat and watched and ate the most amazing food, SOOOOOO very much amazing food and watched and laughed and ate and giggled. They all wrote me emails the next day about how I glowed and glowed across the table through their saucy eyes. I think it was the chicken parm and the estrogen but…..good times!8 years ago

  • Kristin: One summer when I was 17 I worked at a summer camp at a gorgoues lake in the mountains. Me and my friend worked in the kitchen together and would stay in the kitchen until midnight drinking tea and eating blondies and talking about life.8 years ago

  • Diane Carol: We have friends that live up on an island in Northern Michigan – so at least once a year, we try to pack up along with another couple and head up for a long weekend. I’m the “camp cook” and come with all the necessary tools/toys and a weekend menu. My girlfriends each contribute too….breakfast, sweets and such. I’ll never forget the first year in their new home…barely furnished, and a rough homemade kitchen island with stools while the cabinets were being finished…I laid out the happy hour spread (wonton’s with dipping sauce, rumaki, cheeseball, chicken wings, meatballs)….and we all stuffed ourselves silly! The guys just chowed! As we were cleaning up, I began pulling out the dinner fixin’s….and I swear, the guy’s eyes just crossed! They couldn’t say no to filet of beef, asparagus, twiced baked potatoes….but they did all say no to dessert that night! And beyond all the great food….I haven’t laughed like that in a long time! Cheers!8 years ago

  • Amber: Cooking complicated recipes and trying to make authentic Indian food with my friend Mary – awesome times!8 years ago

  • Anne: My first year of grad school I became friends with another music student and we got together to make dinner often. I am so glad we found each other and we had so many good meals of comfort food at our apartments.8 years ago

  • Emily: Food and friends ALWAYS goes together! I’m excited to check this out!8 years ago

  • Kelsey: When I was 16 and starting my senior year of highschool, I used to surprise my grandmother – who lived about 10 blocks away – with friends to come over and bake. My friends and I would make cookies for friends, dinner for my grandparents or, one time, a six and a half layered cake.

    My grandma was a really good sport 🙂8 years ago

  • Ashley Parker: Last winter my friends and I went to a self defense class for a friend’s graduation research paper about, you guessed it, self defense. The class progressed with laughs as we attacked rubber busts of scowling men, and punching bags with the various techniques we’d been taught. When the time came to apply these skills to the instructor’s husband who would attack us and force us to fight our way through exercises and from corners, none of us left the small defense studio with dry eyes. I, I’m ashamed to say, was even on the verge of going into shock. Afterwards we headed back to their house for a wonderful cup of dark chocolate coco, butter laden croissants, and various Hershey chocolate treats. After all, it’d been a stressful night, and as the one man of the group said, “We’ve been through some emotional trauma; we need chocolate”. Every time I look at a bag of Hershey’s I can’t get that night out of my head. And dark chocolate cocoa? I think my friends and I have proven that it heals anything.8 years ago

  • Michele: Thanks for the chance to win this book, it sounds really interesting and poingnant. Some of the best memories of food and friendship are meals shared with family, my side and my husband’s, who I consider to be my very best and dearest friends. I am Jewish, and my husband is Italian, so food figures big in both cultures, and so does being with family. Take care, Michele8 years ago

  • Ginger: Ok, is it weird that I’ll pick up almost about anything with the word “Club” in the title? It makes it seem so much more quaint.8 years ago

  • Cara: I hadn’t heard of this book, but you make it sound so interesting.8 years ago

  • SuperMommie: One of my very good friends has always told me that spending money on good food was important. You are putting the best fuel possible into your body. Anytime she and I get together, we laugh too much and eat too much – but only food made of the very best ingredients.8 years ago

  • Katharine: This past Christmas my sister was staying with me before we left for my parents. I’d been planning on baking cookies for everyone but had been putting it off and putting it off (I am not a skilled baker). So my sister, who is far more experienced in the kitchen, offered to help. It was so good to spend some time, just the two of us, laughing and baking. Definitely something we’ll be doing again. 🙂8 years ago

  • Maureen: One of my first real jobs was with a company that hired lots of young people from all over the country. No one who worked there was local to the area, so we would all get together and make these big dinners for holidays (we didn’t have time to get home usually). I was from the Midwest, and it was the first time I was introduced to Southern cooking, Tex-mex, lots of different things. We had a blast cooking and laughing, and I still think of those days with such fondness.8 years ago

  • Jackie: I love the fact that my best friend loves to eat kimchi because she grew up eating it in my house when we were kids. It just gives me a kick when she begs me to make kimchi pancakes or kimchi fried rice. 🙂 (We’re roommates living with our fiancees right outside NYC, after dreaming of living this life when we were in middle school…and we’re getting married a month apart this summer!)8 years ago

  • Anna: This book sounds delightful and I’m ready for a new book! I have become rather obsessed with books that contain recipes lately. Between Ruth Reichel and the book Cherries in the Winter I just love what comes of sharing history through recipes.8 years ago

  • Melissa Bowie: When my sister and I would visit my grandma and grandpa in Chicago we always loved making homemade bread. To their surprise, instead of making traditional white, wheat or cinnamon raisin, we wanted to make RAINBOW bread!! We mixed and kneeded the dough and added M&Ms, rainbow sprinkles, chocolate chips and sugar crystals..while the bread may not have tasted very good with dinner the memories we made were incredibly sweet 🙂8 years ago

  • Sarah: Over the past year I’ve befriended a man who will be 70 next week (I am 22). While it’s sometimes strange to be friends with someone who is thinking about how they want to finish out their life, rather than start it, I am amazed at how much we have in common. We met through both being “regulars” at a local french restaurant. We still gather here regularly, but our more memorable meals have been around his carefully prepared couscous and Moroccan beef stew, stir frys, squid ink linguine, etc. and a bottle of wine.8 years ago

  • Julia: my family and mybest friend’s family started a thanksgiving tradition a few years back, and i remember laughing and having such a great time with her in the kitchen, making garlic mashed potatoes and sticking slivers of truffle under the turkey skin, and taking funny pictures… good times!8 years ago

  • Misty: When I was about 9 I would sometimes spend the night at my best friend Jane’s house. In the morning her mom would make giant whole wheat and chocolate (or was itcarob?) chip pancakes. She would spread cream cheese on them and top them with syrup. Ever since then iveloved cream cheese in my pancakes. 🙂8 years ago

  • Brannyn: I have many “favorite” food memories…but one that stands out is Christmas 2006. It was the first Christmas after my Dad died and my Mom spent the holiday in Oklahoma with my brother. Being a family united by food we were still reeling from losing our “chief cook”. I was left at home in Houston and was graciously invited to share the holiday with my dear friend Rachel and her husband David. I showed up mid-morning Christmas day in jeans and a t-shirt. We opened a bottle of champagne, turned on Christmas carols, and started cooking. David grilled a turkey while Rachel and I cooked all the trimmings. I made my family’s signature giblet gravy. Rachel made fabulous green beans courtesy of her grandmother. I made cornbread dressing using my aunt’s recipe. Rachel made amazing potatoes from her cousin. David came in and made macaroni and cheese using his grandmother’s recipe. With Christmas carols on the stereo we blended recipes from three families and made memories that we all still talk about.8 years ago

  • Cat: Every weekend, we make sure to eat at least one meal together if at all possible. This is great, because it helps us to slow down and enjoy eachother’s company and the food:)8 years ago