October 20, 2009

Favorite Fall Recipes and TTFN

I’ve got the guy, the guests, the dress, and the shoes, and it’s about time to scurry out of here and onto the big day. I thought I would leave in my stead a list of some of my favorite cool weather classics for you to enjoy until we meet again (click on the pics to get the recipe). Happy cooking and see you in November!

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  • Suzy: Oh, Sarah, best BEST wishes for a fantastic wedding and all its accoutrements! Drink it all in, for it passes SO quickly. Happy wedding!

    P.S. What’s “TTFN?”6 years ago

  • Thank you, Suzy! I’ll do my best to be totally zen and in the moment.

    TTFN is what Tigger said in Winnie the Pooh: “ta-ta for now!” :)6 years ago

  • Christine S.: Oh, have a blessed wedding, a blissful honeymoon, and a lovely time being a newlywed! We will miss your posts but wish you so much in happiness!6 years ago

  • Julia: Best wishes for the wedding Sarah. Hope it all goes beautifully, and ENJOY! I’m sure you’ll be a gorgeous bride :)6 years ago

  • Adrienne: AAaah, so exciting that the big day is finally here! Have a wonderful time and don’t forget to eat :)6 years ago

  • Maria: Have a beautiful wedding, Sarah! I can’t wait to see all the little details I’m sure you put into the day.6 years ago

  • Leah: Ooh, I love October weddings (like mine!) Congratulations and best wishes! Enjoy the big day and your honeymoon.6 years ago

  • Fran: All the best – I know it will be amazing!6 years ago

  • marathon: read your post on the dress. I got my dress from Olga, too. Based on your description, it must be the same place. She is so sweet and made me very comfortable although I was shopping by myself. I’m glad she and your family were there for that special moment.

    Congratulations on your upcoming marriage!

    (and would love to see a picture of the dress)6 years ago

  • Jessica: Wishing you so much happiness and joy for your (doubtless beautiful) wedding and beyond! xoxo6 years ago

  • Anita: You go gurl! Have a wonderful wedding day and a great honeymoon! Best Wishes!6 years ago

  • Kishori: congrats to you both! have an amazing time in mexico!6 years ago

  • anne: Hope your big day goes perfectly smooth. Can’t wait to see pictures!6 years ago

  • domestikate: Oh my goodness, is it that time already? How exciting! Hope your day is everything you are hoping for and more x6 years ago

  • MrsB: I am so so so so excited for you!! You will smile so much your face will ache!! It is the best day! I have absolute certainty that it will be stylish, personal, romantic and creative!

    Be beautiful!!!!

    much love MrsB x

    PS how exciting that this Christmas you’ll be a Mrs and Mr?! Gorgeous!6 years ago

  • Cordelia: Sarah–best wishes to you and your man on your blissful day! Congratulations and have a wonderful honeymoon!6 years ago

  • Thank you all so much for your well wishing! It means so much to me!6 years ago

  • Karen: Sarah,
    Best wishes for a beautiful wedding. Congratulations!6 years ago

  • fefe: congrats!! have an amazing wedding! what a day to remember!!!6 years ago

  • Claire: Congratulations and best wishes for a long and lovely and happy life together! :)6 years ago

  • Avril: Hey Sarah! Have a beautiful and blessed wedding day! Love & blessings for a lovely married life! PS: Shall await the wedding pix! xxooxx Avril6 years ago

  • shauna: All the best to you for a wonderful wedding and a rockin’ married life together… such a beautiful time of year to get married! Happy days!6 years ago

  • Ann: I’ll be thinking of you this weekend. Congratulations and all my love to you both. I wish you many, many years of happiness together and I hope that, when you are Mrs. C., you’ll finally come and see us!!!!6 years ago

  • geek+nerd: Sarah – I have no doubt that your wedding will be beautiful! You have such an innate ability to bring joy to your readers, I’m sure that same joy and zest for life will carry over into your marriage. The two of you are going to be *SO* happy! Best of luck!6 years ago

  • Wendy Bussell: WOW!!!! Congratulations Sarah! and Sebastian! It will be perfect no matter what happens. It will be blessed and beautiful! You are going to be even more beautiful and he will be even more handsome than you could ever imagine! TTFN! Will be here when you return, at you leisure. After all is said and done, the honeymoon never really ends when you are with one you love! Blessings to you both.6 years ago

  • Steffie: Congratulations! May you always have time enough for love.

    <36 years ago

  • Anna: Congratulations! Best of luck and here’s to a beautiful day to begin a wonderful new adventure!6 years ago

  • Vanessa: Have a wonderful, wonderful time :)6 years ago

  • Stacy: Long time lurker, first time poster…just wanted to say Congratulations! Have a wonderful day and a terrific honeymoon. :)6 years ago

  • bluejeangourmet: Thrilled for you and your love! can’t wait to hear/see all about the big day on the other side…enjoy every minute of it.6 years ago

  • Abbey: Happy wedding Sarah! Congrats!6 years ago

  • sonya: Mazel tov! Have a wonderful wedding!6 years ago

  • Ruth @ GraceLaced: It’s HERE! Congratulations!6 years ago

  • Ricky: Congrats, you’re totally married!!!6 years ago

  • Samantha M.: Congratulations on the wedding! I hope it is (or was, I’m a little behind) wonderful!6 years ago

  • Rachel C: Congratulations! You looked gorgeous xx6 years ago

  • becca @ birthday girl: congratulations!!! hope you had a wonderful wedding day!6 years ago

  • Charone: Happy Wedding, Sarah! Congratulations, and see you at the book club meeting!6 years ago

  • paul wynn: Wow! Mac and cheese with the crust on top .. hmmm… Congrats on the wedding .. Dont wanna feel left out!6 years ago

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