September 29, 2009

24 Ways to Use the Lingering Summer Produce From Blogs We Love




Green Beans

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  • Brooke: Thank you! I was just staring at the produce in my refrigerator feeling sort of overwhelmed. And now I have dinner: pasta with goat cheese, zucchini, and summer squash!5 years ago

  • Sweet! I definitely felt inspired compiling this list. Glad you got dinner on the table, now if I could only figure mine out… :) 5 years ago

  • Miranda M.: Thank you so much! I’m tackling the sausage bake tomorrow night! I love Jamie Oliver!
    In all seriousness, those thoughts really did require the exclamation point. :) 5 years ago

  • Avril Lobo: Thank you!!! This weekend I will be trying the Tomato & Cheddar bread, Zucchini Bread, Garlic Lemon Green Beans with toasted breadcrumbs….YUMMMYYY!

    Food inspiration seems to be flavour of the month. I’ve found my groove again :) and I, always in the mood to try something new. Thanks for sharing!5 years ago

  • Miranda, Hey, sometimes a girl needs an exclamation point. And a smiley face.

    Avril, I’m so glad you’re feeling inspired! I just need to get myself in a groove, too, and we’ll all be in business. You know that feeling when you just don’t know what to make for dinner…and then it goes on and on? This too shall pass. ;) 5 years ago

  • domestikate: My pleasure! And all those other things look yummy too ..5 years ago

  • Kristi: Simple recipes has a great recipe for green beans that I made the other night, it involved almonds, thyme, and green beans. Thanks for the list, there a few food blogs on your list that I haven’t seen before that I’ll be adding to my regulars. years ago

  • BethP: I would like to recommend a recipe for CORN which I just made and it was seriously delicious. Corn chowder:

    It doesn’t even need the cheddar (particularly if you use a heavy hand with the cayenne which I did, sort of accidentally…)5 years ago

  • Abbey: This is EXACTLY what I was looking for. Thanks Sarah!5 years ago

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