July 8, 2009

Summer Scavenger Hunt

image via tienmao

How many of these can you spot, do, or otherwise enjoy this summer? What are the components to a quintessential summer?

ice cream truck
kids playing in a sprinkler
a tire swing
a seagull or sandpiper
lemonade stand
an afternoon spent reading in the a/c
a nap in a hammock
an fizzy, fruit cocktail, like this
fresh lavender
hot pink toenails
someone or something floating
outdoor movie
the smell of a charcoal grill in the night
the roar of lawnmower
a municipal pool
root beer floats
a slip ‘n’ slide
a farmer’s market haul, some of which you can freeze for the winter
croquet, badminton, or bocce
a cold movie theater on a hot afternoon
sleeping under the stars
staying up all night
a road trip
a picnic
an outdoor concert
getting lost for an afternoon
a sunburn

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  • beth: cold theaters are a must when it’s hot! i heard a dj on the radio yesterday say the afternoon temp would reach “the low 100s” — like there’s anything low about that! one of the best escapes here in austin is the summer classic film series at the beautiful old paramount theatre (http://tinyurl.com/ysasoe). it’s cool, dark and you can watch paul newman.7 years ago

  • Rebecca: That’s a fantastic list Sarah! A slip ‘n slide – my word, I miss those. (Mostly I miss not looking like a complete fool or hurting myself on a slip ‘n slide.) I’d have to add camping, a slushie (when I was a kid we went up to the corner store on our bikes and got slushies on hot days and then swung on the park swings), definitely the sound of a lawn mower, the smell of freshly cut grass, reading on a back deck, going to the beach and having the sounds of surf and children playing reach me before I climb over the dune and can see it, long evenings/late sunsets, strawberry shortcake, ice cream pie, gardens, and the smell of skin and hair after you’ve been out in the sun all day. Mmm.

    I’ll have to revisit this list in February! 🙂7 years ago

  • beth, That’s hilarious about the “low 100’s.” The classic summer film festival sounds awesome. Ah, Austin, how wonderful it sounds…

    Rebecca, Oh, the smell of skin after you’ve been in the sun — yes! Or the perfect sexy-tousled hairstyle that emerges after a day in salt water!7 years ago

  • Color Me Green: love this! i have to add a long hike, a cold beer, and the sound of birds chirping from inside a tent in the morning7 years ago

  • Starlene: Summer for me is sitting out in the yard drinking beer and talking and never having to put on a sweater. ah, i love that. Oh also that smell when you wake up in the morning on a hot day. i aways call it summer camp smell.

    Anyway, I so want to be you guys. My skin smells like sweat after being in the sun and my hair, good lord, sexy-tousled? never, not even when I pay for it to look that way.

    As for the movie theater idea to stay cool, I must be brain dead because I never thought of that. Although, when I was preggers with my first baby (miserably hot summer of 1987), I used to take a book and go sit in the bleachers at the ice skating rink.7 years ago

  • Elizabeth: I’m loving this list so much. Fireflies are one of my favorite things about summer. I’d also have to add popsicles as a summer necessity.7 years ago

  • Christine S.: I can identify with most of the items on your list! Add sno-cones, amusement parks, “community days”, early morning light and birds chirping, running around outside until 9 p.m. and no need for street lights yet…the list is never-ending during summer time! Fun to really think about and appreciate all of these things!7 years ago

  • Sara Rose: popsicles
    Dairy Queen
    brats and beer
    potato salad
    middle of the night thunderstorms
    middle of the night walks and/or sitting out on the porch
    Hawaiian Tropic Suntan Oil
    Summer dresses
    Reading outside
    The zoo!7 years ago

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