June 19, 2009

Living a Charmed Life


Everything about the principles Victoria Moran lays out for charmed living I find utterly delectable and so right. She is a proponent of pleasure, luxurious self-care, and the power of positive female relationships. But she is also an advocate of maxims that don’t come quite as naturally to me — waking up early, restraint, moderation and self-discipline, and tithing. Her vision of how to live a charmed life is so sound and so doable — and she packages her suggestions in a down-to-earth, personal, non-cheesy way. In short, I think she’s grand.

I thought I would share an excerpt from her new book Living a Charmed Life. I suggest you check it out from the library or get a copy for yourself, though. It’s the perfect volume to keep on your bedside table and read before you fall asleep each night or spring out of bed in the morning. At the very least, this passage is something to think about over the weekend:

Make life-charming decisions

If you’re serious about this charmed-life business, you must make certain decisions. I’ll list them here like a quiz in a magazine: which ones can you check off right now, and which ones have you yet to make?

I’ve decided to:

See life as a magnificent adventure. If you see it as anything less than this, it will be less than this, and that’s too bad.

Make my mark. We won’t all be known in the eyes of the world, but we’ll all know what we did with our lives. When you decide to make your mark you embark on the road to fulfilling your unique destiny.

Take risks. Go ahead and go for it. Somebody with catch you.

Be disciplined. Lazy people don’t live charmed lives. Know what you need to do today and do it. No excuses.

Become a seeker. You’re practical, ambitious, and have both feet firmly on the ground. Excellent. But without looking into the philosophical and mystical underpinnings of all that is, you miss out on the grand and the glorious.

Live in the biggest possible world. Travel. Get to know people from many different places. Read the literature and history of other cultures. The bigger your world, the richer your life.

Care profoundly
. To help the environment, we want a smaller carbon footprint, and to help others, a bigger caring footprint. In practical life, this means seeing things through others’ eyes, sharing resources, and shopping with conscience–asking, Where does this come from? Who made it? What is its history?

Listen to my instincts. That’s why you have them. They’re dependable. Practice inner listening. Until you know what’s what, run your intuitive promptings past a trustworthy confidante who’ll tell you the difference between wishful thinking and the wisest counsel you’ll ever receive.

Appreciate everything. It’s one thing to be grateful for the good stuff and that’s a fine place to start. For an exceptional life however, you’ll want to be grateful for everything: the hard lessons, the gray days, the detours that looked as if they were going nowhere but ended up taking you precisely where you needed to be.

Be in this for the long haul. You’re aiming for a charmed life, not just the occasional good day. You’re going to adopt certain attitudes and practices and use them for as long as they benefit you, even if that’s forever.

–Excerpted from Victoria Moran’s Living a Charmed Life.

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  • Amy C: Wow! How have I never heard of this? Adding it to my personal bookshelf and my client bookshelf today. Oh, even better – I’ll take it on vacation with me, and read about living a charmed life while staring at huge Colorado mountains and glassy lakes 🙂9 years ago

  • Starlene: Holy cow, talk about timing. This post was really what I needed today. I had the “worst day ever” yesterday and this helped me to step back a bit and maybe see it all as part of the journey. The adventure! Thanks!9 years ago

  • ann: you’re right, this sounds like the perfect book to start and end your day with! thanks for the recommendation, adding it to my library list right now… 🙂9 years ago

  • Rebecca: I love this!! Thank you so much for sharing. 🙂9 years ago

  • Julia: darn nypl doesn’t have this in the system yet. all good rules to live by. i need help with the taking risks one…9 years ago

  • Stephanie: I just recently discovered this book, and have been waiting for a couple weeks for the library to put it on hold for me. I’m glad I got this preview and am even more excited to read it now.9 years ago

  • Ashley: I really look forward to reading this.. I always trust your recommendations, they’re always great 🙂8 years ago

  • Jules @ Lovely Las Vegas: Sounds like an incredible book with simple yet profound and effective advice for making a great, positive life.8 years ago

  • Brenda Leyland: Well now, I’ll be off looking for that book. It sounds charming (smile)……

    Glad you shared some excerpts — that list was a great nibbler!8 years ago

  • Joy: Ah I love books like this – even if I can’t always follow the advice. I will see if I can get hold of it over here. It reminds me of a book called ‘Play to Win’ which, despite sounding hideous, is actually a really good book about living your life to the full.8 years ago

  • Victoria Moran: Thanks so much for featuring my book, Living a Charmed Life, and thanks to everyone for their lovely comments. I’m also thrilled to be introduced to your site. Pink and thrifty, what could be better than that? Good wishes all ’round — Victoria Moran8 years ago

  • Victoria, You are so welcome! I’m a huge fan! 🙂8 years ago

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