June 25, 2009

It’s Week 26 — Do You Know Where Your Resolutions Are?


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By my calculations, we are halfway though the year this week. This is a time when it’s hilarious to go back and look at what we resolved on a cold night in December, giggly with champagne, metallic streamers caught in our hair. In the dark days of winter, I was looking for answers and community: I resolved to go to church, join a book club, and develop a meditation practice. None of those have happened yet. But I also wanted to grow this website and get the wedding show on the road, and with a wedding date and a redesigned website under my belt, I’m happy to have held up my end of the bargain on those.

The second half of the year stretches before us now, filled with empty days and unfilled hours. Will you recommit to your New Year’s Resolutions? Or have you learned something about life in the past six months that has brought new priorities to the forefront? Maybe you’ve already checked off the boxes next to your resolutions, and if so, you’ll have to share with the rest of us the secret to your success.

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  • academicsocialite: I find it so refreshing to see that “church” is a resolution for you too. Us modern Brooklyn ladies don’t spend too much time talking about that aspect of our lives. I’ve really fallen down on my beloved Sunday ritual of churchgoing. I find I need that space in my life, and I don’t do a very good job of carving out that time for myself. You are inspiring me to make good on that promise and devote more time to faith.8 years ago

  • Sara Rose: Let’s see.

    I wanted a huge life project to start on my 27th birthday, and as we’ve discussed, I decided on what that project would be.

    I wanted to get us to a better place financially . . . . thats a never ending battle.

    I wanted to get some “real” writing done, that does and doesn’t happen.

    I wanted a few other things that did happen. But, it is a time to reevaluate, right now, isn’t it. Halfway through the year is always a good point to just have a self-check in.8 years ago

  • anne: Wow! We are halfway through the year.

    My goals/resolutions for 2009 were:
    1. find a new haircut and go for it
    2. start running
    3. wake up early/on time consistently
    4. journal at least 1/week
    5. listen to more teachings (similar to your church resolution)

    No. 1 was accomplished by February! I did begin jogging and keep that up moderately well. Waking up on time has been wonderful! Less rush in the morning is good. Journaling is going OK. Have to write myself reminders and the last one is right on track!

    I wrote these goals in a small notebook that I carry in my purse so I frequently am reminded. I also found this quote that inspires me: “Breaking a bad habit isn’t about doing what’s right. It’s also not about paying absolution. It’s about finding something you simply want more, and weighing that cost whenever you’re tempted.”8 years ago

  • michele rosenthal: I’m glad to see Church is on your list of resolutions. I too keep “meaning” to try and start going to church again. I just wish my priest Father Anselement didn’t live 4 hours away in Lake George NY!!! He is so fabulous. I guess I need to get motivated to find another local priest to inspire me on a spiritual level.8 years ago

  • Suzy: I don’t even remember what my resolutions were/are. Does that answer your question?8 years ago

  • Wendy Bussell: Have the church thing down(we practically live there), had made plans to continue to re-invent myself through a prayer journal/book reading/and being open to change. My lenten descipline was to give up “instant” reactionary emotions. To give up bitterness and negitive responses was enlightening! Especially now with teenage girls! I have seen a change in alot of what I say and do because of my plans and prayers. Remember, the only way to eat an elephant is …… one bite at a time!!!!Best to you on the rest of your list!8 years ago

  • Dallas: Hope it’s okay to include this here. I actually didn’t make any resolutions this year but three years ago I made a resolution to see 52 movies throughout the year. That may sound cheesy but I love small, independent films and never make the time to get downtown to see them. That year I saw 52 of them and it was amazing. When I see a really good movie it makes me REALLY think and reflect. It also got me out of the suburbs and into the downtown area on a regular basis. It’s the only resolution I’ve ever kept.8 years ago

  • Re: church: I didn’t really grow up going, but the older I get the more interested I am in meaning and purpose. I’m planning on trying out a Quaker service and making it to the Unitarian church. There is also a French worship service in my neighborhood called Taize that sounds really cool: singing, meditation, and sitting on the floor. That’s my style.

    Sara Rose, I think your project, from what you’ve told me, sounds ambitious and awesome and most importantly, really really fun.

    Anne, Thanks for sharing that quote. Reminds me of what Jillian Michaels (love her!) said on her radio show on Sunday: (paraphrased) People want to know how to stay motivated. You stay motivated by remembering why you set out to accomplish your goal. The cookie becomes less tempting when you remember your skinny jeans.

    Suzy, Yep. I had to look mine up. 🙂

    Dallas, That doesn’t sound cheesy at all! That sounds like the kind of resolution that really can improve one’s quality of life. Like the time I resolved to throw one dinner party a month — best resolution I ever made.8 years ago

  • The Single Gal: My gal pals & I always pick three resolutions: one you can do immediately so you feel a sense of accomplishment (stop biting my nails), one that takes some time and effort to work on (take more photographs, write more) and one that you may need outside help to accomplish but will be life-changing (get book published). It gives us instant gratification and keeps us focused on the big picture too!

    But my best resolution ever? I resolved to accept every invitation that came my way. It was the most amazing (and exhausting) year of my life. I met so many people and experienced so many new things… I try to remember that now when I’m tired and want to pass on a party or a an outing with friends.8 years ago

  • Rhonda35: New Year’s Eve is also my wedding anniversary, so every year, I remind myself of my husband’s many wonderful qualities – it’s a good thing to reflect and concentrate on as a new year begins to unfold. So far, so good – it’s been 18 years. Sometimes I think I should list them on a big poster and hang it in the kitchen – to reen me in when my temper flares about something that really is just not that important!!
    The other thing I like to do – instead of resolving to lose weight, etc. – is to remind myself to practice random acts of kindness throughout the year. Making others smile or making their lives just a little easier for a moment makes me feel great!
    I love Anne’s quote!8 years ago

  • Sara Rose: POP Sarah- you may very well really like Unitarian churches. When we don’t go to synagogue (as is often because the nearest one is 45 minutes away and thats not always doable in our winters) we do frequent the Unitarian services here. They are more like discussions and I can totally be ok with the theological viewpoint that Jesus was a guy here who did some greeat stuff but probably not the messiah. I realize others cant get past that, but I do enjoy the intellectual/philosophical approach that they take to faith and life.8 years ago

  • Eva Peightal: I quit smoking! Very proud of myself about that one. I did it by just plain old stick-to-it-ivness.8 years ago

  • Anne: ehhhh I am getting better at my resolutions. Better managing my time has been one and I have definitely gotten better at that… but I have a ways to go.8 years ago

  • beth: Sarah, reading this helped me jumpstart the resolution I’ve been putting off — creating a place where I can write about the sense of community formed by people who make, eat and share food here in Austin. The blog I’ve been meaning to start for ages: bellybulletin.blogspot.com. Seriously, my first post was 16 minutes ago. Thanks for the nudge to put an idea into action.8 years ago

  • Shandell's: I do not make resolutions, because I never seem to keep them. Life takes over and they go by the way side. My life has taken a couple of turns in directions I was not expecting. So the rest of the year I will be following new roads.8 years ago

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