March 10, 2009

CraftyPod Hooks Us Up

I have a hard time keeping up with my Bloglines account, which is currently (and usually) exploding with 100’s of bloggy delights to be read. Finally confronting the feeds this morning, I had my mind blown approximately 47 times by all the awesome stuff on CraftyPod. Here, the top three charmers:


With magazines closing at every turn, it’s an unexpected breath of fresh air to see a new magazine hit the stands. Modern Seamster looks pretty freaking awesome, and perhaps best of all, you can download the first issue for free.


How did I not know about mixtape? This zine looks, for lack of a better word, rad, and I love their tagline: “making time for the small things.”


I love stencils the way I love rubber stamps — a lot. For people like me who don’t always have the best, er, skill, stencils make creating things that look super sharp so easy. Stencil Me In (love the name) comes with — count ’em — 28 stencils.

A huge thanks to CraftyPod for all the amazing crafty tips!

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  • Sister Diane: Aw, thanks! I’m glad you found some good things. I can’t recommend Mixtape highly enough!7 years ago

  • lovegidget: Sweet finds! Modern Seamstress looks wicked awesome!7 years ago

  • Sara Rose: I totally don’t know how to sew but I totally want to learn how now that I’ve seen this stuff.7 years ago

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