February 19, 2009

Tulle: Like Anthropologie, Only Cheaper


We interrupt our regularly scheduled programming for an important announcement: I know we’re all pinching-pennies, but that doesn’t mean we have to cut out all pleasure. In fact, I’d say the trick of navigating thriftiness is giving yourself enough treats so that you don’t feel like you are suffering while still staying within your budget. I mean, eat lentils and dress in your holey sweaters for enough days and it is a scientific fact you will begin to feel subhuman. Scientific fact.


If this sounds like you, maybe you need a new $30 sweater from Tulle. When I discovered this site last weekend, I spent hours creating a dream wish list of everything I would buy in a dream world. In fact, sometimes just that is enough to scratch the shopping itch. But if it doesn’t quite do the trick for you, this is relative guilt-free shopping if you stick with the sale area. The clothes are quirky, feminine, and detailed, just like Anthropologie, but without the hefty price tag.


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  • BigSister: Love these clothes. Thanks so much for sharing!7 years ago

  • You got it! Couldn’t keep this to myself.7 years ago

  • el: Agh… you let my secret out!
    (though i may be getting too old. Is there an age limit?)

    p.s. Great revamp. Go on wityo bad self.7 years ago

  • el: p.p.s. I always get compliments when I wear Tulle gear.7 years ago

  • Lisa (dinner party): ooh, good find!

    I also like Mod Cloth: http://www.modcloth.com/store/ModCloth/Womens/Dresses7 years ago

  • Sara Rose: Sigh. There is NOTHING this cute in maternity-land that doesn’t cost a bajillion dollars or is made for “normal” sized pregos. But I bookmarked them for when I’m unprego! I love Anthropologie and now I love Tulle too!7 years ago

  • Sara Rose, A pregnant lady I know got by with maternity jeans and large stretchy tops from Forever 21. But I’m VERY glad this is territory I won’t have to broach for awhile. 🙂7 years ago

  • Kristina: I’m going to pretend to be offended here, and say hey, what’s wrong with lentils, anyway?

    But it’s true, everyone eats lentils when they’re broke.7 years ago

  • Kristina, I LOVE lentils and even elect to eat them when I’m not broke. It’s just been more than usual lately. 🙂7 years ago

  • Lisa, LOVE mod cloth. love, love, love.7 years ago

  • love,gidget: i have admired the clothes on Tulle before, but never ordered anything. partly ’cause i am broke, and also because i have always wondered how the clothes fit and if the cuts were nice. i have never seen them up close and in person.7 years ago

  • Anastasia: Lately, I click around on the Anthropologie website with my eyes glazed over. Usually after adding a few things to my shopping cart, I have to slam my computer shut and walk away.

    thanks for the tip!7 years ago

  • Anastasia, That’s exactly what I do. I add a couple things to the shopping cart, am amazed that the total is somehow over $400, and then I want to die a little. You know, we are the people who marketers are so stumped by: “why did they fill up their shopping cart and then NOT BUY ANYTHING??”7 years ago

  • Alyssa Goodnight: SUCH a cute site–yours, I mean.
    Oh, and Tulle could definitely use the title of your blog post as their tag line. Cute!7 years ago

  • Karen: How did I not know about this store until now?? Thanks for the link 🙂7 years ago

  • Kate: Oh my, I just found your site! How fantastic! Thank you!6 years ago

  • Erin: I came across this website searching for vintage dresses. It’s not completely vintage but it’s new and cute. http://www.monaetjune.com

    p.s. I love your website!6 years ago

  • Mackenzie: I also like http://www.poetrie.com and http://www.shopruche.com for cute, vintage-inspired clothes that have some slightly more reasonable price tags…6 years ago

  • Kelly: I love Tulle! And I just discovered your blog… fantastic! I just compiled a list of additional stores that are also like Anthropologie (including some of the ones the the other commenters mentioned): http://likeanthropologie.com/2012/11/12/like-anthropologie-but-cheaper/3 years ago

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