May 19, 2008

6 Great Etsy Stores for Vintage Kitchen Goods

clockwise from upper-left: Edelweiss Vintage; May Berries Vintage; White Elephant Vintage; Vintage Goodies

There was a time, oh so many years ago, when I could truly find vintage gems for a song on ebay. This, I fear, is not so much the case anymore, thanks to something called a free market economy. As the vintage treasures dwindle, the amount of crapola also rises, leaving one feeling as if she is crossing a desert of trash, constantly deceived by mirages.

But then there is etsy, with its nice design and clean interface, and the edited, curated selections of a few vintage sellers who can be depended on. I’ve been looking at ceramics, tole trays, and items of foreign curiosity, and these are some of my very favorite sellers:

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  • Not Scarlett: Oh! Love these things – great links! Thanks!
    10 years ago

  • Karen: I could spend all day shopping on Etsy – your faves look enticing. I can feel vintage aprons calling out to me…
    10 years ago

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