April 9, 2008

Pink of Perfection Projects

pink of perfection guest post

I know I’ve mentioned this before, but I have a bit of a girly crush on Kimberly Wilson. One of the many reasons I admire her is because of her great book in which she helps readers hone in on the driving aesthetics of their life by creating a vision statement. You’re given a list of words which you fly through, willy-nilly, responding with pure gut and gusto, until you’re left with only the words that speak to you. Then comes the hard part: you must narrow that list down to five words only. While I had some trouble tossing out “adventure,” the rest came totally naturally, and then there they were, staring me in the face, all the things I care about: beauty, pleasure, creativity, love, community.

So if you want to know, in a nutshell, what makes me tick, that’s it. I try to make Pink of Perfection a place to express and revel in those values. But when I got to thinking about community, which I crave so much in my life, I thought, hell, why not push it a little more?

And so, inspired by these women, and also this woman, and, of course, Shauna and Joy, let’s give Pink of Perfection Projects a whirl, shall we? This will be a monthly project that hopefully will add some pleasure, beauty, or creativity to our lives. And us all writing about it? That’s where the community (and, if we’re really lucky, maybe even a little love, awwww) comes in.

April’s Pink of Perfection Project is to take yourself out on a date, to court yourself a little bit. Interpret this as you will, but make it a true date, something worthy of a paramour, only the one you’re wooing is you.

Here’s how to participate:

  • E-mail me and say you’re on board (remember to include a link to your blog!): sarah@pinkofperfection.com
  • Complete (or attempt to complete) the project.
  • Write about the project on your website or blog by April 30.
  • Link back to the original assignment.

At the end of the month, I’ll post an update on the POP Project, linking back out to all of you lovely participants who want to join me in making life a little more special and sparkly. Who’s with me?

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  • Joyful Abode: Awesome idea! I don’t think I’ll be in this month (sooo much to do I doubt I’ll have time for a date with myself, but I may just surprise myself. Who knows?), but I look forward to next month’s project.
    8 years ago

  • Sarah: See, I’m of the mind that when you think you don’t have the time for a date with yourself is when you need it the most. Come on, Joyful!
    8 years ago

  • Juliann: Is the idea to be alone (sort of like a Julia Cameron-style artist’s date) or can you be with people? Unfortunately with my health in the state it’s in, I won’t be able to get around on my own much if at all…
    8 years ago

  • Sarah: Juliann, Yes, the idea is definitely like a Julia Cameron style date. But you don’t have to go out really; you could have a date in by yourself. Maybe some cheese and crackers, a glass of wine?
    8 years ago

  • Joyful Abode: Hehe, I’ll think about it. 🙂
    8 years ago

  • rae: I always say one of these days I am going to go to the IMAX theater all by myself to watch a smart movie about the coral reef…so this is the perfect push I need.
    8 years ago

  • Joy: I would so love to participate in this month’s challenge but I’m going on holiday tomorrow. I am going to spend the first 10 days on my own in Mexico so maybe that counts as a long self date? Perhaps I’ll treat myself to some spa sessions in the true spirit of self-love?! Count me in for the next one though.
    8 years ago

  • shauna: I’m in! So glad you’re doing this.
    8 years ago

  • Shannon: I love love this idea! I am definitely interested in this project. I’m dreaming up so many lovely romantic possibilities it will be difficult to just narrow it down to one!
    8 years ago

  • rachael: RAE
    i totally did that around my birthday!!!
    i didnt go alone but it was my birthday wish. i saw a movie called ‘deep sea’ narrorated by johnny depp, so i learned and fantasized all at the same time.
    8 years ago

  • Anita: I’m in! What if my idea of a romantic evening is really, really boring, though?
    8 years ago

  • rae: RACHEL
    i wish that was playing here! I am probably going to go with ‘Ocean Oasis’ but I will still fantasize!
    8 years ago

  • Sarah: Anita, boring can be romantic. It doesn’t matter what you do, it just matters that you take some time out for yourself. Yay, I’m so glad you’re in.

    And I love that you guys are into IMAX — maybe I should do that, too!
    8 years ago

  • rachael: you will be glad you did. it was hilarious. scott and i got wendys and ate it in the parking lot beforehand. its nice to feel like a kid again and learn at the same time!
    8 years ago

  • Evon T.: What a wonderful idea! And yes, we’re nearing the end of the month as it is so I won’t be able to even attempt to complete the project this late, but I’m definately in beginning next month. Thanks. It’s a very refreshing idea.
    8 years ago

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