March 19, 2008

DIY Concealer and other Makeup Tricks on the Cheap

I am proud to introduce the first Pink of Perfection Guest Post (i.e., the first post written by someone other than one of my relatives), and delighted to introduce you to the very clever and creative Rachael Speirs. Rachael lives in Toronto where she counsels people by day as a social worker. At night, she swaps her black-framed glasses for a set of makeup brushes. She loves cotton candy flavored gelato and her kitten, Waffles, who shares Rachael’s deep and abiding love of butter.

pink of perfection guest post

I have never been one of those girls who can wake up looking fresh as a Georgia peach, my hair slightly tousled, and my cheeks ever-so rosy, with a morning glow that says “Hello world!”

Instead my very coarse and flat-ironed hair has curled on one side, and managed to mash itself into a hairdo somewhat resembling Robert Smith. For this, I have my Jewish grandmother to thank. So up I rise (likely a half an hour earlier then necessary), and all for the purpose of primping.

Also, I am broke, and not just a little broke but paying-off-massive-obscene-horrid -amounts-of-school-debt-broke. But broke can be beautiful! Therefore I bring you: “The Thrifty Girls Guide to Primping.”

Two items I will consistently stand behind are zinc oxide and hydrocortisone cream. These two products have gotten me through hailstorms of chin acne. Remember how the dad in My Big Fat Greek Wedding used Windex for everything? That’s me with zinc oxide. In my experience as a makeup artist I have consistently recommended these two items, and at 5 bucks a pop, you can’t go wrong. Paris Hilton can afford to slather herself in beluga placenta, but she never had to deal with a student loan.

If you’re anything like me, the bottom of your makeup case is getting more coverage from broken shadows you can’t bear to throw out, then your eyes ever will. But fear not, good woman, I bring you a solution: Thrift-a-licious Shadow Palette. Your local craft store carries plastic compartment cases, typically used for storing beads or embroidery thread that make awesome palette cases. Simply dig the broken shadows out of their container and use a paper funnel to direct the shadow into the case…and voila! Truly, the thing I enjoy most about this makeshift palette, is the fact that it cleverly hides the whereabouts of your products, so you can use your products to their fullest, free of judgment and name brand influence, while also cutting down on clutter.

Once in awhile Mount Everest has decided to make a landmark of your face. My boyfriend insists concealer is useless and does nothing but draw more attention to the problem. “Who ya foolin?” he asks, and I suppose the only real answer is “myself.” But there is something to be said for a well-matched concealer. It can brighten up your under-eye area and hide the occasional redness. Indeed, a bit of concealer lightly dusted with a matching powder can create a lock-and-load foundation for eye makeup.

But is it worth paying for? Is it worth buying an extra product? Personally I have found (what I believe) to be an excellent solution. The bulk of cosmetic spending should always be on the skin; a great foundation will go a long way and darn it, if the product keeps away breakouts and has a great finish then it really is worth the extra money. But why buy another expensive product when you can make concealer from the one you’ve got?

DIY concealer
what you’ll need

a small container (an empty lip-balm container will do, or if you are anything like me, you stock up on MAC samples and save their adorable sample containers for other purposes)
your favorite foundation

Pour a small amount of tried-and-true foundation into your container. Let it stand open, lid off and covered with cheesecloth to keep out dust and other airborne pests, for approximately 2-3 days (depending on oil or water content of the product) in your refrigerator.

Now not only do you have a virtually free concealer, but a virtually free concealer in the exact shade of your foundation and the piece of mind that you will not experience any reactions.

If you’re interested in writing a guest post about crafts, cooking, style, or the creative things you do to make daily life sparkle, email me at sarah@pinkofperfection with your idea.

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  • Ruth: Thank you Rachel, and thank you, Sarah, for having a guest post! It is so inspiring to live frugally and simply while not compromising on quality and good taste…I love POP!
    8 years ago

  • Sarah: I am really amazed at Rachael’s creativity — I would never have thought you could make your own concealer with foundation. How did you even figure that out?
    8 years ago

  • rachael: hey sarah,
    i figured it out when i was out of foundation, and noticed a little glob in the lid of my foundation bottle. when i tried using it, i noticed it was thicker than my regular foundation.
    so from then on in i used it as a makeshift concealer.

    oh and note: i forgot to add that because hydrocortisone cream contains steroids, you shouldnt use it often, typically i reccomend using it just once during a horomonal acne explosion.
    8 years ago

  • Christine: Thanks Rachael! This info is great for me too since I’m suffering from massive amounts of student loans as well! I especially liked the idea of using your broken eye shadow and creating your own palette with them. I can think of 4 that are currently sitting at the bottom of my makeup bag that I can’t seem to let myself throw away because I love them so much and now I have a great solution!
    8 years ago

  • Miche: Give this girl her own column!!! I’m waiting with bated breath for her next cheap idea… I *need* to start “putting a face on” these days…
    8 years ago

  • dina: Dumb question: What do I do with zinc oxide? I have massive amounts of diaper rash cream, can I use that for anything besides red bums?
    8 years ago

  • Lin: Please tell me more about zinc oxide! Where do I buy it, in what form, and how do I use it? TIA!
    8 years ago

  • Hearts and Crafts: Thats a great idea! I have never found a concealer I like… definitely have a feeling this might change that!
    8 years ago

  • Rachael: zinc oxide questions:

    Sorry guys! i should have been clearer!

    you can use zinc oxide for a multitude of issues.

    so zinc oxide is a very heavy and thick cream. it also contains mineral oil, which can clog pores.
    however once in awhile its very good at calming reactive skin.
    specifically, it is great on issues such as chin acne (if chin acne is hormonal, i reccomend the hydrocortisone, if it is from an unknown issue -which can often be drooling in your sleep or telephone bacteria- then give it a shot)

    try using zinc oxide as an occasional overnight face mask.
    apply a thin layer to problem areas before bed.

    i also reccomend a thin layer on forming smile lines and crows feet (careful not to get it too close to the eye area) as it is the best sunblock ever

    also really good topical solution for chapped winter skin and upper arm bumps.

    i also use it to block hairdye when i am coloring someones hair blocks stains from being able to set in
    also try using it on your cuticles when painting nails to avoid smears.

    it is awesome for calming razor burn as well, especially bikini line and armpits

    i could go on and on and on…the baby butt cream people should really pay me for this endorsement.
    8 years ago

  • Stephanie: I know it has been over a year since the last comment, but I just wanted to say:

    If anyone is a little weirded out by the idea of putting diaper rash cream on their faces, you can also go to your local pharmacy and ask if they carry (or can order from their supplier) plain zinc oxide. It can usually be ordered in either a cream or an ointment form, and generally runs about $5 for a 6oz tube (I believe it’s 6oz., may be a little smaller). We carried it in the pharmacy I used to work in a few years ago, and actually got quite a few people who bought it regularly for various uses.7 years ago

  • Alice: It’s been a year since the comment before mine, but I just stumbled across this. I have an adorable leftover sample container from something I sampled long ago (I don’t even remember what), and have been dying to put something in it! I had also been wanting a good concealer, and you just provided me with the solution for both. Thanks! ๐Ÿ™‚7 years ago

  • Crystal: hey there !
    this is such a great idea !
    i’ve been looking for one of these for agesss ! ๐Ÿ™‚

    i’ve only got one question though , what happens if your foundation is the powder form instead of liquid ?
    because my parents wont let me buy another foundation and i’ve only got the powder one ><

    please reply ๐Ÿ˜‰
    ๐Ÿ™‚7 years ago

  • Hmm…not sure what Rachael would say here. Try it! What’s the worst thing that could happen?7 years ago

  • Layla: Great ideas here!

    I am liking the reuse and re-purpose ideas especially! ๐Ÿ™‚
    Was actually looking for a DIY ‘from scratch’ concealer, some of this ideas seem pretty cool too!
    Have some old stuff that could MAYBE be repurposed too – hm?! (I wonder how long these things last though? As in, many years or even a decade since buying? ๐Ÿ™‚ Maybe apply something else on skin first?)

    Crystal, maybe you could mix the powder with something else (that your skin tolerates well)? (Been reading beetroot lip stain recipes, so maybe glycerine or such, dunno? Haven’t tried it, just an idea!!)

    As for zits/acne, chamomile tea has helped me immensely with that! ๐Ÿ™‚ Nutrition/stress have been a factor there too..4 years ago

  • Dreamy: I have pure zinc oxide powder. I got it from a site that sells soap making products etc… I think I can make any normal face cream into a sun block. But I don’t know how much to add. Any thoughts?4 years ago

  • Kristin: For the question of how to use powder/mineral foundation as concealer- Just wet your brush a bit and mix your foundation with just a little water and apply it with a brush. Instant concealer.3 years ago

  • Kena Shah: Hey Rachael,
    Can I leave the concealer out at room temp.?3 years ago

  • Ashley: I can’t use this method because I use a powder foundation if u can think of anything for making something out of powder foundation let me now3 years ago

  • Cost Effective Skincare! | Welcome to the Tea Party: […] found the idea throughย this bloggerย ! and then did a small bit of googling to look into it […]3 years ago

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