May 8, 2007

How to Make Your Own Cuff Links

Sebastian was recently nominated for a very impressive award. This meant we spent an afternoon in a windowless New York discount store known for its amazing suits, prowling through the racks. Sebastian tirelessly slipped from one suit into another, endured a tape measure attack from a crochety old man and stomached style advice from a guy who did not look equipped to give it. Finally, with suit in hand, we found a dapper shirt with French cuffs and a sharp-looking tie and went home for a fashion show.

But did you know all shirts with French cuffs require cuff links? Neither did we, and now we were in a real jam. It was past business hours on a Sunday night, and let’s be honest: there’s something about cuff links that’s a little, um, ostentatious and cheesy. They make me think of greasy high rollers. But we had no choice but to make our own. I was afraid I was mucking up Sebastian’s cool, sleek look, giving him a homemade embarrassment. But people, the man I am going to marry is so much cooler than that. He wanted homemade cuff links. We’re talking about the guy who put paperclip laser bolts on his glasses in high school and was still considered a hottie. He’s an original. And that is one of the reasons why he is such a badass dude. Oh, did I mention he won? And I have to say, the cuff links didn’t look half-bad.

Button Cuff Links

thin, bendable wire from a hardware store, or a paperclip could work in a pinch
fabric scraps
two buttons that you like — this is the decorative part and it will show
wire cutters
fabric glue

First, thread the button with a length of wire about 4 inches long. Then twist the wire once or twice to secure the button in place.

Next, glue your fabric scraps to wire. Once the glue has dried, use your wire cutters to trim each side of the fabric-covered wire to about one inch in length. Use your scissors to trim down the width of the fabric.

Dive the wire ends through the button holes on your cuff and bend back the wire legs. This adds kind of a cool shot of color, don’t you think?

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  • Molly: Love this post, Sarah! It makes me want to go out and buy Brandon a shirt with French cuffs for our wedding, just so I can make him some cuff links…

    (And congratulations, Sebastian!)
    8 years ago

  • blog: HOW TO – Make Your Own Cufflinks

    Sarah from the Pink of Perfection was in a jam late one Sunday night. She made these spiffy cuff links for her fiance Sebastian who needed to dress up for a big event. He ended up winning an Emmy…
    8 years ago

  • karla nathan: Oh those are great!
    8 years ago

  • Amy: I just happened upon your blog and first, CONGRATS to your hubby and second, CONGRATS to you for being so thoughtful and figuring that out! I find that when I am in a bind, I am the most creative that I can be! I hope you can swing by my neck of the woods. I am adding you to my feeds :)
    8 years ago

  • jessy: They are sooo cute, congrats to Sebastian. I have a thing for cufflinks, I think they’re a cool accessory and make “normal” shirts look hot, but my guy is your average traditional Joe and wouldn’t go with homemade ones, perhaps I could make them for myself :-)
    8 years ago

  • Maureen: Oh Sarah! You’re getting married! Congrats. You and Sabastian are adorable. Your blog is so romantic and I know you two will live happily ever after. (I think you already are!)

    One small suggestion: I *love* the fabulous videos, and there is so much great music out there, maybe incorporate some other selections in the intro bits?
    8 years ago

  • Sarah: Molly, Could there be anything more romantic than homemade cuff links for a wedding? You should do it!

    Karla Nathan, Glad you like ‘em!

    Amy, Thanks for all the congratulations. Yeah, when the pressure is on, sometimes the mind kicks right into high gear!

    Jessy, You should totally make these for yourself. What do you have to lose?

    Awww, Maureen, you’re the sweetest. Yeah, Sebastian totally knocks my socks off, and I hope we live happily ever after, too. Thanks for the suggestion: I really love our theme music, but we have been thinking for awhile that it would be great to include music from little heard of musicians during the segments themselves. I should probably post something about this on MySpace. If you know anyone who would be interested, let me know.
    8 years ago

  • Suzy: Sarah, that’s quite the man haul you’ve made! (Don’t get me wrong–I mean that in a quality rather than quantity way. I am certainly not insinuating that you dabble in polyamorism–or whatever the heck you call it.) Oh, and the cuff links aren’t bad, either.
    Have you two set a wedding date yet? I hope you will share your wedding ideas. Too bad I’m already hitched, for I’d be sure to steal some (ideas, that is).
    8 years ago

  • Sarah: Suzy, I don’t get it. What’s a man haul? Like, I struck gold? Cause that much I know. :)

    I plan on sharing every single awesome DIY wedding idea right here, don’t worry!
    8 years ago

  • Kayla: Sarah, all the new posts just made me soooo happy! I hadn’t been here in a few days, and then, blammmo! Several new posts, including videos!
    8 years ago

  • Sarah: Kayla, I’m soooo happy that you’re happy! And you know what else? I’m happy that there are new posts, too! I think I might just have forgotten how happy Pink of Perfection makes me, but I am SOOOO back on track now. :)
    8 years ago

  • Ann: And to think I knew Sebastian way back when. And, talking of way back when, do you need a copy of the cookbook that he illustrated for me? Congratulations on all your recent successes!!!
    8 years ago

  • Sarah: Ann, I would love a copy of your cookbook, especially if it’s autographed. By the way, your son made some fantastic scrod with an avocado sauce and a spicy mango chutney last night!
    8 years ago

  • Ann: I’d be delighted to give you a copy of the cookbook but you do recall, don’t you, that its title is “How to Murder Your Husband – a Killer Cookbook”? If you send me your snail mail address, I’ll send you an autographed copy – but you’ll have to promise to use the recipes sparingly, at least for the first few years of your marriage :)
    Thanks for keeping me up to speed with Chef Dan’s culinary triumphs. He’s been a great cook since he was in high school.
    8 years ago

  • sterling: Thankyou for this idea, some one has requested that I make them custom cuff links and this give me an idea of how to start out making them but no worries I will add my own twist.6 years ago

  • Dita: Hi, I came to your blogspot in search of a design for making cuff links for the male recipient in my gift list. I wanted to give them something hand made. What a cool idea. Thanks. Dita.

    http://www.alankarshilpa.etsy.com5 years ago

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