May 14, 2007

Fire Escape or Kitchen Window Herb Garden

My entire life I have wanted a comfortable reading chair in a cozy bedroom and my own little herb garden. Don’t you imagine that Amelie had a neat little row of herbs outside her kitchen window she could freely pluck when roasting a chicken or throwing together a salad? Last summer I tried to make my herb garden dream come true, but I left some delicate-looking thyme seedlings in full sun with no water for weeks and, well, you can imagine what happened. This summer, though, everything is different. I have a sunny fire escape and the presence of mind to not let those herbs fry.

A neighborhood community garden recently held a plant and bake sale. There was an upright bass and a set of drums among the tulips, and I had the pleasure of buying a delicious brownie from a very charming 8 year old softball player. High on sugar, I picked up the makings for my potted herb garden there, too: chocolate mint, sweet basil, thyme, oregano, and rosemary. According to the experts, everything I chose takes sun but needs a loving eye and water. For your own, just also pick up little terracotta pots, potting soil, and you’re in business. Yes, it is that easy to make dreams come true.

And can you imagine the delicious things you can make with these fresh herbs all summer long? Picture this: it is a stiflingly hot July day. You are wearing a breezy cotton sundress and preparing a salad of juicy red tomatoes, lime juice, and oregano to tote on a picnic. To fetch that oregano, you’ll lean out onto the ledge of your sunny window or out onto your rickety fire escape and reach for your proud little plants. Amelie would be so pleased.

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  • rachel: They look great! I love the chocolate mint.
    9 years ago

  • Steamy Kitchen: good luck with the herbs – i love growing my own. I just keep forgetting to water.
    9 years ago

  • Alison R.: I wish I had a rickety fire escape! Everything about this post is charming–I love herb gardens and I wish my apt wasn’t entirely in shadow…but maybe I can wear that beautiful sundress while I *buy* herbs? Hm, no, not the same 🙁
    9 years ago

  • Sarah: Rachel, I’m really looking forward to the chocolate mint and to see what it’ll be like in a mojito or mint julep.

    Steamy, Remembering to water is certainly a challenge, but at least these are in my direct line of vision every day. That helps.

    Alison, Sundresses are just the best! Wear one while doing anything, and I think you’ll find your spirit lifted. 🙂
    9 years ago

  • rachel: that sounds great!
    9 years ago

  • Beth: i so want to make a fire escape garden. i have been dreaming about this for days. pretty orange and pink flowers basking in the sun while i merrily bake barefoot in the kitchen

    anyone know where i can get some grow your own herbs?
    8 years ago

  • Sarah: Beth, My mom told me (and aren’t mom the experts of all things?) that herbs can be tricky to grow from seed and you should just buy the seedlings. And I probably don’t need to tell you that the best place for those are the Union Square Green Market.
    8 years ago

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